10 more Christmas songs by Eurovision artists which we recommend

Christmas is being celebrated all over the world, these days. We bring you here 10 more great Christmas carols sung by Eurovision artists to add to your playlist. Merry Christmas to everyone, no matter when and how you celebrate it.

We already brought you ten Christmas songs by Eurovision artists, which you should consider adding to your playlist. That included artists like Johnny Logan, Cliff Richard, Kalomira, Tommy Seebach and Ilse DeLange. But there are a lot more songs which is worth to pay attention to, so here are 10 more.

Dima Bilan – Last Christmas

You will probably have to look twice to notice that is indeed the Russian Eurovision winner from 2009, Dima Bilan. He performed with this version of Wham’s Last Christmas on the TV show ‘Точь в точь’, where the purpose is to dress up like another performer – and no one can be in doubt that this is a George Michael imitation.

Grethe Inmann – Jeg Så Julemanden Kysse Mor

In Denmark many artists have recorded Christmas songs, both original, but also translations of foreign ones. This one is by the country’s first Eurovision winner Grethe Ingmann. It translates to ‘I Saw Santa Kissing Mum’, and yes, it is a Danish version of the internationally well known I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa originally recorded in 1952 by 13 year old Jimmy Boyd, but later made very famous by Jackson5.

Tina Karol – Тиха Ніч

Moving over to Ukraine, we find Tina Karol’s version of the well known song in English known as ‘Silent Night’. Tína represented her country at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest. That time, she sang in English, this time, she keeps it in Ukrainian. The lyrics in this version are quite close to the original, so when listening, you can just enjoy without wondering what she sings about.

Katy Garbi -O Χειμώνας o βαρύς

We continue with another cover version of a well known Christmas song. Here is a Greek version of Winter Wonderland. This one is sung by Katy Garbi who represented Greece at the 1993 Eurovision Song Contest. Katy gets help by a children choir on this one, which in its lyrics are close to the original.

Celine Dion – Oh Holy Night

Canadian Celine Dion won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1988 – before she became the superstar she is today. Oh Holy Night is originally from 1847, and French, but in recent years, the most famous version has become one by Mariah Carey. The song tells about the birth of Jesus.

Litesound – Shooting Star

From Belarus, Litesound gave us this Christmas song, which has a bit more guitar on than most songs we heat at this season, although the video starts with one being kicked out of the house! The band represented their country at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest.

Alexander Rybak and Didrik Solli-Tangen – Presents

Two Eurovision artists in one. That’s what you get on this Christmas song. The song has been added quite some humour and tells how the two men keeps spotting the same girls. They are ready to give away the presents under the Christmas tree, if the other one would back off. At the end, they agree that girls come and go, but their friendship will remain, and as such the presents are for both of them.

Il Volo – Christmas Medley

In Italy, we find the handsome trio Il Volo who took part in the 2015 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. This trio received big international recognition afterwards, and of course Christmas is also on their repertoire. In this medley you find the internationally well known songs Jingle Bell Rock, Let It Snow and It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of Year.

Zoë – La Nuit Des Merveilles

‘The night of miracles’, that’s what Zoë’s Christmas song here translates to. She represented Austria at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest with a song in French, just as this one. In this song Zoë asks Pere Noël if he received her letter. In between mentioning the snowy weather, the lights and Christmas night itself, she adds that all she wants, is love for everyone.

Dami Im – All I Want For Christmas Is You

We end with a Christmas song, which you have probably heard a lot, although maybe not in this version. Here is Dami Im, who represented Australia at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest where she finished second. Enjoy.

We at Eurovisionary.com would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas for you and your loved ones.

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