Ukraine: Line-up complete for Vidbir 2020 Final

Tonight, we saw the last elimination in Ukraine ahead of next week’s final. At the end of the show, Tvorchi, Khayat and David Axelrod joined Krutь, Jerry Heil and Go-A in the grand final line up.

Eight acts performed in front of three juries: Andriy Danylko aka Verka Serduchka (Ukraine 2007), Tina Karol (Ukraine 2006) and Vitaly Drozdov.

The Show

In the beginning of the show we saw a brief video of last week’s finalists and tonight’s candidates. Host Serhiy Prytula then introduced the juries. Before each performance, artists introduced themselves through the videos as well. After the performances the artists answered Sergey’s questions and listened to the juries commenting their performance. The Ukrainian group Hardkiss, 2019 Junior Eurovision Song Contest Ukrainian representative Sophia Ivanko and Czech Republic’s representative Benny Cristo graced the show with their songs.

The Songs

Moonzoo feat. F.M.F. SureMaze: The first song of the night was Maze by Moonzoo feat. F.M.F. Sure. It was an electronic pop song that has rap features. Moonzoo’s vocals were joined by a synthesizer, a percussion, and two vocals on stage. F.M.F. Sure later joined the stage with his rap part. Moonzoo finalized the song. The synthesizer added an 80’s flavour to the song. It was an energetic performance from the duo. According to Francis (a.k.a. FMF Sure), he brings the energy and the rest of the group brings the good music.

Fo ShoBlck Sqr: Fo Sho is a group consisting of three girls. One of the girls was wearing an orange and black mini dress with long black high heel boots. One of the girls was wearing a blue and black suit and the other girl was wearing a purple and orange suit. The song started with a slow and strong vocal show and continued with energetic hip hop, R&B and rap parts of the song. Towards the end of the show we saw the girls from a cam recorder for a while. Lyrics of the song were shown on stage. While interviewing the girls, host Sergey mentioned Russian president Putin 🙂

Elina IvashchenkoGet Up: We were treated a Eurovision friendly strong ballad by Elina tonight. Great performance it was. A stage with blue and red concept was prepared for the young talent. She wore a dark grey long dress with red stripes on. Like Tamara Todevska’s song last year Elina invited all the women to get up. The song gave her the chance to show her vocal abilities.

Oleksandr PoriadynskyiSavior: Young Oleksandr has presented us with a romantic strong ballad with his strong vocal character. He has a very strong and mature voice compared to his innocent young look. Four vocalists accompanied him on the red and black themed stage. Oleksandr and the vocalists dressed all in black.

GarnaWho We Are?: Garna whose vocal style has reminded us of her compatriot Gaitana (Eurovision 2012) has performed a mid tempo pop song with a little bit electronic sounds tonight. She took the stage with her team consisting of two vocalists, one guitarist and one percussionist. Her voice octave was remarkable.

KhayatCall for Love: Amazing, amazing, amazing This uptempo piece by young Khayat was offering us universal pop style flavoured by Middle Eastern sounds. Young Khayat’s energy and strong vocal abilities were the major kicks of the performance. The song started with Khayat’s contour tenor voice show. He shared the stage of green and black lights concept with two female dancers. All were dressed in black. The young artist charmed the audience with his vocal range and dance talent at the same time.

David AxelrodHorizon: A nice, strong, romantic ballad from David. Tonight’s romantic prince David shared the stage with five vocalists. The vocalists were all dressed in white suits and white Victoria’s Secret wings. A horizon show on stage was there to go with the meaning of the song.

TvorchiBonfire: Another R&B/Hip Hop piece tonight came from the two boys of Tvorchi. The last performance of the show was from Tvorchi consisting of Nigerian Jeffrey Augustus Kenny, 22, and Ukrainian Andriy Hutsuliak, 23. The boys preferred to wear robe de chambers on stage during their energetic performance. Andriy was in front of the instruments while Jeffrey did the vocals.

The Results

After the jury votes and televotes were evaluated, the results were announced as seen below:

Jury Public Total Position
Tvorchi 8 8 16 1
Khayat 7 7 14 2
David Axelrod 6 5 11 3
Moonzoo ft. FMF Sure 5 2 7 4
Elina Ivaschenko 4 4 8 5
Fo Sho 3 3 6 6
Oleksandr Poriadynskyi 2 6 8 7
Garna 1 1 2 8

Tune in for the final and find out who gets the honor to represent Ukraine next week.

Share what you think about the results with us in the comments.

In my view

This semi – final was a stronger one than the first one.My only favorite tonight was Khayat <3. Elina and Olexander were good as well.

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