Semi final running order: Sweden opens the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest

Sweden opens the first semi-final, and Serbia kicks of the second one. Which countries benefits from the running order and who has reason to feel they were a bit unlucky? Today, the full running order for the semi-finals of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest was revealed.

As in recent years, the countries taking part in the semi-finals had been drawn into first and second half. Today came then the exact running order which was made by the producers of the show in an attempt to make the most interesting TV show. This is meant to be based on the songs, their expected styling with use of colours etc.

It is worth paying attention to that Russia is still mentioned in the list of the participants in the second semi-final as at the moment, EBU is still expecting them to find a solution where the Ukrainians allow Julia access to the country for the period of the contest.

First semi-final running order

  1. Sweden
  2. Georgia
  3. Australia
  4. Albania
  5. Belgium
  6. Montenegro
  7. Finland
  8. Azerbaijan
  9. Portugal
  10. Greece
  11. Poland
  12. Moldova
  13. Iceland
  14. Czech Republic
  15. Cyprus
  16. Armenia
  17. Slovenia
  18. Latvia

Second semi-final running order

  1. Serbia
  2. Austria
  3. Russia
  4. FYR Macedonia
  5. Malta
  6. Romania
  7. The Netherlands
  8. Hungary
  9. Denmark
  10. Ireland
  11. San Marino
  12. Croatia
  13. Norway
  14. Switzerland
  15. Belarus
  16. Bulgaria
  17. Lithuania
  18. Estonia
  19. Israel
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