Netta from Israel wins 2018 Eurovision Song Contest

We have a winner! After an intense voting, where the jury voting started with six different 12 point’s, finally Netta was crowned the winner of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. Next year, we’ll all be heading to Israel. 

The past few weeks, odds really changed a lot. Journalists and fans saw it as a very open contest where anything could happen, and bookmakers were equally confused with odds changing a lot. As there were no clear winner, but more like a shortlist of five to maybe ten potential winners, tonight’s voting became extra nerve-wracking.

The result

01 Ukraine


Under The Ladder 130 17
02 Spain

Amaia y Alfred

Tu Canción 61 23
03 Slovenia

Lea Sirk

Hvala, ne! 64 22
04 Lithuania

Ieva Zasimauskaitė

When We’re Old 181 12
05 Austria

Cesár Sampson

Nobody But You 342 3
06 Estonia

Elina Nechayeva

La Forza 245 8
07 Norway

Alexander Rybak

That’s How You Write A Song 144 15
08 Portugal

Cláudia Pascoal

O Jardim 39 26
09 United Kingdom


Storm 48 24
10 Serbia

Sanja Ilić & Balkanika

Nova Deca 113 19
11 Germany

Michael Schulte

You Let Me Walk Alone 340 4
12 Albania

Eugent Bushpepa

Mall 184 11
13 France

Madame Monsieur

Mercy 173 13
14 Czech Republic

Mikolas Josef

Lie To Me 281 6
15 Denmark


Higher Ground 226 9
16 Australia

Jessica Mauboy

We Got Love 99 20
17 Finland

Saara Aalto

Monsters 46 25
18 Bulgaria


Bones 166 14
19 Moldova


My Lucky Day 209 10
20 Sweden

Benjamin Ingrosso

Dance You Off 274 7
21 Hungary


Viszlát Nyár 93 21
22 Israel


TOY 529 1
23 The Netherlands


Outlaw In ‘Em 121 18
24 Ireland

Ryan O’Shaughnessy

Together 136 16
25 Cyprus

Eleni Foureira

Fuego 436 2
26 Italy

Ermal Meta e Fabrizio Moro

Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente 308 5

Before the live broadcast began, Israel and Cyprus were the hot favourites, and they did end up in first and second place. However, they were not favorites with the 43 juries. Before the televote was revealed, they were placed only  3rd and 5th.

A closer look at the votes reveals that there was a great difference between the votes from the juries and the televote. The juries had Austria first and Sweden second, but both Dance You Off and Nobody But You did’t get many votes from the public. Austria maintained a place in top 3, but Sweden was only 7th when the televote was added. Sweden was number 23 with the public with only 21 points, while Austria got 71 points (13th place) from the public.

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