My Friend: Croatian 2017 Eurovision entry released today

HRT, Croatian National Public Broadcaster, released today the song “My Friend”, which the Croatian representative, Jacques Houdek, will perform in Kyiv. It is a bilingual entry sung in Italian and English.

Jacques Houdek describes his Eurovision entry as an anthem of friendship, which at the same time celebrates life and love. Furthermore he explains that the melody of the song describes all the upturns and the downturns, which most of us are going through in our lifes no matter differences between us. Houdek says, that life is a miracle and that it always wins, which is also the message of one of his favourite lines in the song.

My Friend is composed by Siniša Reljić, Tony Malm and Jacques Houdek. Siniša Reljić has been working for 20 years as a producer in Sweden before he returned to Croatia. Tony Malm is a Swedish songwriter and producer, who collaborated earlier with Eric Sadee, Lambretta, Emma Andersson and Lutricia McNeal. In 2015 he wrote Jon Henrik Fjällgren’s entry I Am Free, which came second after Måns Zelmerlöw.

This year’s Croatian entry is written by Ines Prajo, Arijana Kunštek, Fabrizio Laucella and Jacques Houdek. Ines and Arijana have participated in the Eurovision Song Contest before as they wrote and composed Bosnian and Herzegovinian entry Ne Brini in 2003. Antun Stašić and Neven Šverko, who are some of the most famous Croatian musicians, are playing the violin and the cello in the song.

Let’s remind you that the announcement of the Croatian entry’s title in the end of February was followed by a digital campaign #beMyfriend, which is a project of Jacques Houdek and his team. Many former Eurovision participants such as Kaliopi, Nina Badrić, Novi Fosili, Dalal, Marija Šestić and Marija Šerifović have already supported Houdek’s campaign.

You can listen to this year’s Croatian entry in the video below:

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