Meet Samra, Gabriela Gunčíková and Joe and Jake

Learn more about the three contestants this year coming from Azerbaijan, Czech Republic and the United Kingdom. Then test your knowledge on our quizzes about Samra, Gabriela Gunčíková and Joe and Jake.

Preparations about the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest will soon begin, and all the contestants from 42 competing countries will soon travel to Stockholm to begin their rehearsals.

In the meantime, why not take a moment to learn a bit more about the contestants from Azerbaijan, Czech Republic and the United Kingdom.

Samra is representing Azerbaijan this year with her song Miracle.

Interestingly, Samra’s profile video is a Would You Rather game, similar to the ones we’ve been presenting you in the last few weeks. You can check out all of our Would You Rather videos here.

In this video however, Samra walks around beautiful old city Baku answering a few different questions and is mostly being asked to choose between two different options such as our would you rather game.

Test your knowledge of Samra with our quiz below and check out Samra’s profile video.

When did Samra take part in the Azerbaijani national selection in the past? Check your knowledge about Samra in this quiz.


Samra will perform her song Miracle 14th during the first semi-final on May 10th.

Gabriela Gunčíková is representing the Czech Republic this year with her song I Stand.

In her profile video, Gabriela sites outside in Prague and talks about the different things you can find if you visit Prague. She also explains what Prague is best known for.

Why don’t you test your knowledge of Gabriela Gunčíková in our quiz below and check out Gabriela’s profile video.

Which award did Gabriela win in 2011 at the Český Slavík Awards? Check your knowkledge about the the Czech 2016 representative in this quiz.

Gabriela Gunčíková

Gabriela Gunčíková will be performing I Stand for Czech Republic 10th during the first semi-final on May 10th.

Joe and Jake were chosen during the United Kingdom’s national selection this year, and will be presenting their song You’re Not Alone at the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm.

In their profile video, Joe and Jake talk about the fact that Robbie Williams tweeted them after they were chosen to represent the United Kingdom. They also consider wearing one of the British guard’s outfits for Eurovision. They also talk about what their face would be if they receive a 12 points during Eurovision night.

Why don’t you test your knowledge about Joe and Jake in our quiz below and check out their profile video.

What is Joe and Jake’s favourite food? Test your knowledge about the British 2016 participants in this quiz.

Joe and Jake

Joe and Jake are representing the United Kingdom with the song You’re Not Alone at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest and automatically qualify to the grand final on May 14th.

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