Meet Kaliopi, Jamala and Ira Losco

The next three artists to be featured in Eurovision profile videos are Kaliopi from the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, Jamala from Ukraine and Ira Losco from Malta.

Music is Kaliopi’s life as she is representing F.Y.R. Macedonia for the second time (third time if you count her 1996 pre-selection entry) this time with her song Dona.

In her profile video, Kaliopi also explains that she has a big passion for photography. She also shares with us her great love for dogs. Kaliopi also loves traveling, driving her car, playing tennis, cooking and of course making music.

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How many times do the word “Dona” appear in the lyrics of the chorus of her 2016 entry? Take the quiz!


Kaliopi will perform her song Dona 8th in the second semi-final on May 12th.

Jamala is from Ukraine. She is will be performing her song 1944 this year in Stockholm.

In her profile video, Jamala tells us she’s been singing from a very young age due to her parents being involved in music. She has four albums already. With her latest album released in 2015, Jamala obtained four Ukrainian music awards. Beside music, Jamala loves cinema, and she got to play in the Ukrainian movie The Guide.

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To whom have Jamala dedicated her Eurovision entry “1944”? This quiz will show you how well you know Jamala.


Jamala will perform her song 1944 15th in the second semi-final on May 12th.

Ira Losco is another returning artist as she once represented Malta back in 2002 with her song 7th Wonder, finishing second place.

In her profile video, Ira discusses that the meaning of her song Walk On Water is about facing your own challenges and reaching for the impossible.

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Ira Losco

Ira Losco will be performing her song Walk On Water 18th during the first semi-final on May 10th.

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