Jury final – who will score best at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest? (with predictions)

Half of the votes for the Grand Final of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest have now been cast. This Saturday, the public across Europe and Australia will vote, and the combined result will give us a new winner, and a host country for 2018.

Friday evening, we saw the jury final for the Grand Final of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. The national juries voted, and though their points weren’t revealed yet, half of the result is now set. This Saturday evening, TV viewers in the participating countries will vote as well. The combined result will not only provide us with a new winner to celebrate, but also very likely the host country for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.

But who will win? We are not claiming to be better than most at predicting, but we did ask our team of writers and photographers based all around the world to give us their best guess at which countries will end up in Top 5. As it can be the little things on the actual night, which determines the winner from the runner up, their predictions are for Top 5, and we listed them in alphabetical order.

David (Canada) Armenia Bulgaria Italy Portugal Sweden
Michael (United Kingdom) France Italy Portugal Sweden United Kingdom
Tolis (Greece) Armenia Bulgaria Italy Portugal United Kingdom
Elvir (Denmark) Armenia Bulgaria Italy Portugal Sweden
Dogukan (Turkey) Bulgaria Italy Portugal Sweden United Kingdom
Giannis (Greece) Belgium Bulgaria Italy Portugal United Kingdom
Matei (Romania) Bulgaria Italy Portugal Romania United Kingdom
Dewayne (United States) Armenia Italy Portugal Romania Sweden
Fyodor (Russia) Armenia Bulgaria Italy Portugal Sweden
Wouter (The Netherlands) Austria Belgium Italy The Netherlands Portugal
Charlotte (Denmark) Armenia Bulgaria Italy Sweden United Kingdom

As it can be seen there are some differences, but countries like Armenia, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, Sweden and United Kingdom are predicted a lot. Interesting to mention are the starting positions of these six countries: Armenia (5), Italy (9), Portugal (11), United Kingdom (18), Sweden (24) and Bulgaria (25).

Check out the Full Stage View videos in the playlist below where you can see the various effects the countries are using. See them all, or skip to the ones you are most curious about. All of these videos were recorded Friday afternoon at the first Dress Rehearsal.

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