Jury final – half of the votes of the first semi-final given out

Tomorrow evening TV viewers across Europe will cast their votes, but tonight the jury members already threw in theirs, which makes up for half of the result. Who are the sure qualifiers and who will struggle hard to make it to the final?

16 acts are fighting for 10 spots in Saturday’s final. The six not making it will unfortunately see their 2015 Eurovision Song Contest journey end here.

With four journalists, we watched the jury final this evening – and here you can see the verdict of which ones we think we’ll see again on Saturday:

Country: Theo (Greece) Egemen (Turkey) Tommy (Sweden) Charlotte (Denmark)
Moldova Not qualifying  Not qualifying  Not qualifying  Qualify
Armenia Qualify  Qualify  Qualify  Not qualifying
Belgium  Qualify  Not qualifying  Qualify  Qualify
The Netherlands Not qualifying  Not qualifying  Not qualifying Not qualifying
Finland  Qualify  Qualify  Qualify  Qualify
Greece  Qualify  Qualify  Qualify  Qualify
Estonia  Qualify  Qualify  Qualify  Qualify
F.Y.R. Macedonia Not qualifying  Qualify  Not qualifying  Qualify
Serbia Not qualifying  Qualify  Qualify  Not qualifying
Hungary Not qualifying Not qualifying  Qualify  Not qualifying
Belarus Not qualifying Not qualifying  Not qualifying  Not qualifying
Russia  Qualify Qualify  Qualify  Qualify
Denmark  Qualify Not qualifying  Not qualifying  Qualify
Albania  Qualify  Qualify  Not qualifying  Not qualifying
Romania  Qualify  Qualify  Qualify  Qualify
Georgia  Qualify  Qualify  Qualify  Qualify

Please have in mind that this does not reflect our opinions about the songs. It is only our predictions on who will qualify.

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