How will it look on TV: Second rehearsal for Big 5 and Israel + allocation draw

Rehearsals have come to an end. With the six pre-qualified finalists rehearsing for the second time today, all 41 acts now need to be ready for dress rehearsals starting Monday. Take a look at the unique footage showing how the last six acts will look on TV.

Friday, the so-called Big 5 + this year’s host country Israel rehearsed on the stage in Tel Aviv for the first time. Today, they went on for the second and last time before the dress rehearsals in next week. At their following press conferences, the acts drew either first or second half. It’s from this half, they will compete in the final. The specific running order will be made once all finalists are known. After the semi-finals, the qualifiers will also draw either first and second half.

Just as with the participants in first semi-final and in second semi-final, the rehearsals today were only 20 minutes (contrary to 30 minutes from first rehearsal). Once again, videos which shows small clips of how the performances will look on TV are available. Take a look at the below – unless you want to keep the live shows a total surprise.

Israel: Kobi Marimi – Home

Kobi had previously been drawn into starting position 14 in the final.

France: Bilal Hassani – Roi

At the allocation draw today, Bilal drew second half.

Spain: Miki – La Venda

At the allocation draw today, Miki drew second half.

Italy: Mahmood – Soldi

At the allocation draw today, Mahmood drew second half.

United Kingdom – Michael Rice – Bigger Than Us

At the allocation draw today, Michael Rice drew second half.

Germany: S!sters – Sister

At the allocation draw today, S!sters drew first half.

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