Ukraine’s rehearsal goes quite sweetly

Alyosha was back this morning for her final stage appearance before her first dress rehearsal next Wednesday.  Will the sweet people of Europe like her?

After all the controversy of the Ukrainian selection process, Alyosha now had another chance to iron out and wrinkles in her performance before the business end of the competition starts next week.  This was an improved appearance from Tuesday, and as this site mentioned last time, it takes enormous guts to stand on stage, by yourself, and sing to an arena of several thousand.

Today she was in her outfit she’ll be wearing for the night.  It’s a long peach dress worn under a black hooded garment made of leather.  She takes it off half way through the song.  The only ‘prop’ as such is the wind machine, which doesn’t blow throughout, but just to emphasise the dramatic parts of the song.

While I agree that she can sing, and she is very easy on the camera, I still don’t think it’ll qualify.  It’s in a very strong semi-final, and is likely to be lost among all of the competition.  We await next week with interest.

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