Ukraine National Final on 6th March

Next Saturday 13th March, Ukraine will choose their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in Oslo. More details of the selection have now been released. The collection of writers has a firm international flavour.

Vasiliy Lazarovich will perform five songs in the final. The public and the jury will choose the entry, with each having a 50% influence over the outcome.
The songs up for selection are:
1.  Adrenalin
(Music: Dmitriy Klimashenko, Ukraine; Lyrics: Olga Yarynich, Ukraine)

2. I Know
(Music: Nikola Karajia, Romania; Lyrics: Brandon Stone, Germany)

3. Shine of Your Star
(Music and lyrics: Ziga Pirnat, Slovenia, Brandon Stone, Germany)

4. Don’t Wanna Loose You
(Music and lyrics: Claes Andreasson, Sweden)

5. I Love You
(Music: Brandon Stone, Germany; Lyrics: Brandon Stone, Germany, Olga Yarynich, Ukraine)

Vasiliy Lazarovich is 28 years old, he will be the first male artist for three years after two consecutive female singers; Ani Lorak (2008) and Svetlana Loboda (2009), to represent the Ukraine in the contest. You can check Eurovisionary for more information.

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