SVT continues to show its imaginative touch for the postcards

The postcards made for the Eurovision Song Contest have become an institution in their own right.  Sometimes they reflect the life and times of the country that is hosting, sometimes they have a more abstract feel.  This year, we repeat the theme of such years as 1996, when the performers are followed about their daily lives.

As we saw for the first semi-final, Swedish broadcaster SVT has tried a different approach to the postcards we see between the songs.  This time, the cameras followed the performers around their native lands to find out a little more about their home life.  

01. Latvia: PeRHere we go

Riga on a snow-bound misty morning, and PeR are seen going to rehearse singing and dancing.  They are fans of driving simulators, and appear to be very good at them.  We finish with them off to a gig. 

02. San Marino: Valentina MonettaCrisalide (vola)

Valentina likes jogging around her hilly homeland.  She’s then seen putting on make-up before singing to a small select crowd of fans. 

03. FYR Macedonia: Lozano & EsmaPred de za razdeni

Esma shows us some of the awrads she’s won.  And we see her singing at a football match.  lozano prefers walking around some of the rugged countryside in his homeland.  Then they join for a nice alfresco cup of coffee. 

04. Azerbaijan: Farid MammadovHold me

Farid likes his physical exercise, by showing us some casual back flips on the beach.  Then after catching up with friends, he goes to the mountains skiing. 

05. Finland: Krista SiegfridsMarry me

Krista is in the snowfields of Finland riding a skidoo and knitting with friends.  Then she does a bit of singing before partying the night away.  

06. Malta: Gianluca Tomorrow

We see Gianluca on one of the many ferries around Valetta.  He must be off to work as we next see him with his stethoscope at the hospital where he works.  With work out of the way, he then goes to the coast with some friends to enjoy the sunset.  

07. Bulgaria: Elitsa & StoyanSamo shampioni

Elitsa is putting on make-up and Stoyan making some more drumsticks.  After meeting up, they play drums with some school children before going for a walk in one of Sofia’s parks.  

08. Iceland: Eyþór IngiÉg á líf

Dawn in Iceland sees Eyþór on a boat out for some fish.  Then he’s at a kid’s party wearing a crown, before off to a cafe for a bit of socialising with friends.  

09. Greece: Koza Mostra feat Agathonas IakovidisAlcohol is free

A sunny start to the day in Greece sees the band choosing some meat at a market.  They’ve also got a gig to perform to a packed house.  And what better way to end the day by having a barbecue on the beach.  

10. Israel: Moran MazorRak bishvilo

Moran takes a nice walk around her country, taking in the quiet streets, the sea and finally meeting up with some friends by a harbour to see the day end.  

11. Armenia: The DoriansLonely planet

Yerevan is still snow-covered, and the band find themselves doing a photoshoot in a church.  Moving on, they head to a TV studio for a show where they sing.  

12. Hungary: ByeAlexKedvesem

This postcard shows ByeAlex finishing at the gym one morning before him walking around the picturesque parts on Budapest.  He goes to the TV studios to record to promotional material, then meets up with friends in a nearby cafe.  

13. Norway: Margeret BergerI feed you my love

Margaret’s day starts on the coast with a ride on a fishing vessel.  Next she’s at an ice hockey match, cheering on her side.  Finally, she ends the day in the company of friends.  

14. Albania: Adrian Lulgjuraj & Bledar SejkoIdentitet

Adrian and Bledar are huge stars back home, and do their separate things (walking around Tirana, having a coffee and a smoke) before meeting up to do an evening gig  

15. Georgia: Sopho & NodiWaterfall

Our duo visit a concert hall and perform some traditional Georgian song.  Soon after, they’re wandering through Tbilisi for coffee, and then end the day with a game of ten-pin bowling.

16. Switzerland: TakasaYou and me

We have snow and a trip around a chocolate factory.  The band all get to taste some and then make a large slab of chocolate and decorate it with a heart bearing a Swiss flag.  

17. Romania: CezarIt’s my life

Cezar likes to look good, so with a trip to the hairdressers, then a measuring up for a new suit, he then goes off out on the town on Bucharest. 

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