It has finally come to pass, 14 years after their first entry Russia has reigned victorious over the Eurovision Song Contest.  Dima tried back in 2006 and finished second to Lordi but he wasn’t dissuaded and came back this year and finished second to no one.

It was an impressive victory with Dima Bilan scoring 272pts to Ukriane’s 230pts.  His song ‘Beleieve’ lead from early in the voting eventually over shadowing both Ukraine and Greece.  Norway had the best result since 2005 and Israel also did remarkably well.  The chorus of ‘Neighbour voting’ is likely to come thick and fast again but it may well be considerably less than previous years.

It is likely that the 2009 contest will be held in Moscow but St. Petersberg is also a possibility.
The provisional dates for next year’s contest are the 12th, 14th and 16th of May.

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