Press Conferences – Day 2

After a successful first day of rehearsals and press conferences, day 2 saw the last nine songs competing in the first semi-final have the opportunity to perform on the stage and meet the media for the first time.

The Israeli delegation started things off today, with the band Izabo. However, as they only arrived in Baku quite late on Monday night, their press conference was cancelled and will instead be held after their second rehearsal on Thursday.

San Marinese singer, Valentina Monetta, is working hard to establish herself in the music industry, "It looks like dreaming is easy, but it’s not like that, so to have this opportunity to go to Munich to Ralph Siegel’s studio to learn this fresh and modern song was great. I felt it immediately as my own!" Of the subject of the song, composer Ralph Siegel said, "I wanted to put some funny ideas about Facebook, this idea that you have so many friends and requests there that is stressing, but at the same time is beautiful to keep contact with friends". Naturally, the enforced change to the song was brought up. Ralph answered this question, "it was not easy, we had to change after the decision of the EBU’s reference group, and that involved record a new song, make a new edit of the video, new pressings of the promo material… and in such a short period of time."

The third rehearsal and second press conference came from the Cypriots. They are quite optimistic of a good placing this year. A relaxed Ivi Adamou was asked what she thought the requirements for success were. "Energy and power, and having a great team is important. We are all together and work hard" she replied.

Soluna Samay, representing Denmark, has humble beginnings in the music business. "It’s been an amazing journey. I’ve been busking and performing with my father and now I went to the big stage of Melodi Grand Prix in Denmark and now here in Baku. It’s amazing!" She was asked about the hat she wears for the performance. She said "the hat was hanging on the wall of my family home. It belonged to a family friend who has passed away now but he came to a party and then left the hat behind when he left. It adds a funky mix to the song."

One of the most anticipated and popular acts this year is the Russian grannies. Buranovskiye Babushki want to build a temple in their home village of Buranovo with the aim of changing people for the better. They revealed that they are staying in a hotel outside Baku because they don’t like the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Like the Israeli’s, the Hungarians will host a press conference after their second rehearsal, which will be on Friday.

Austrian rappers, Trackshittaz, entered the conference room on a tractor! The performance features three ladies who engage in a spot of pole dancing. However, the lads deny that the song is sexist, "We have been criticised in Austria for that, but there’s a difference between sexism and sexual. Of course we have some sexual influences, but it’s not too obvious like some of the other music videos that exist. We take it with a fun view. Have fun, switch off, forget this economic crisis and have fun. If you switch off your head, you can look at things in a different way." The title translates into English as "Shake Your Booty". They were asked who they thought had the best ‘booties’ of the ladies they had net so far. “Russia”, came the reply.

Pasha Parfeny from Moldova was next to answer the questions of the assemble journos, who introduced the delegation to everyone. He revealed that the song was originally written in Romanian, but he wrote an English version as the Romania version wasn’t meant for the Eurovision Song Contest. The English lyrics were written only two months ago.

Back for more after representing Ireland in Dusseldorf last year are the lovable twins, Jedward. The last conference of the day is usually quire poorly attended, but not this one! The media can’t get enough of Jedward! They ‘treated’ the audience to excerpts of Waterline and Lipstick, then let it be known that they thought their biggest threat came from Russia and Sweden. They also revealed that Waterline is a more serious song than Lipstick as they believe they need to appeal to a wider audience if they want to improve on the eighth place they achieved twelve months ago.       

And with that, day 2 drew to a close.

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