Press conference performances day 3

The third day of the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest meant the start for the 2nd semi-final. Hot tipped names such as Euroband, Charlotte Perrelli, Ani Lorak and Ruslan Alehno all gave a little performance on their press conference today.

EuroVisionary bring you here some performances live from the Eurovision song Contest 2008 in Belgrade. In the video you will see Euroband from Iceland singing the Icelandic version of their song, Charlotte Perreli who sings "I can take a bullet", The Beatles’ "Eleanor Rigby" in Swedish and – of course – Hero. Ani Lorak from Ukraine sings her Shady Lady and Jeronimas Milius brings a traditional Lithuanian song. Ruslan Alehno from Belarus sings his Hasta la Vista in Russian.

Source: EuroVisionary
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