Now it is time for the analysts to come forward

With the running order decided for both semi-finals and the starting position for the final it is now time to start speculating. Will Portugal be able to finally qualify for the final? Will the UK survive a second position? And what about Iceland and Sweden right after each other?

Many questions are always being raised just after the draw and most of them will remain unanswered until the nights of the semi-finals and the final has come to an end, but one thing is guaranteed. Tonight and in the coming days we’ll see many attempts to be able to guess the results. This simply because the draw is believed to have a major influence when it comes to predicting a winning song – and even which 20 songs will qualify for the final.

Some countries, three in each semi-final and one of the five countries guaranteed a place in the final, were in the lucky position that they were drawn first and therefore are asked which starting position they want. Normally the countries having this honour will be picking positions near the end simply as these positions are believed to give better results as the TV viewers are more likely to remember them better than the others. Debut country, Azerbaijan, might not have been thinking about that as they chose themselves to start as number seven in the first semi-final. In many countries number 13 brings bad luck, but Denmark chose, quite surprisingly perhaps, this position themselves. At that time they had no idea that the other Nordic countries; Iceland and Sweden would end up right after each other as first and second in the same semi!

With this draw it is now time to start speculating on who will make it to the final – and again who will win it all. To make a proper analyse things as voting pattern over the years, music taste in various countries, neighbour voting – and also the draw will be taken into consideration.

Running order for first semi-final:

1. Montenegro
2. Israel
3. Estonia
4. Moldova
5. San Marino
6. Belgium
7. Azerbaijan (chose position themselves)
8. Slovenia
9. Norway
10. Poland
11. Ireland
12. Andorra
13. Bosnia-Herzegovina
14. Armenia
15. Netherlands
16. Finland
17. Romania
18. Russia (chose position themselves)
19. Greece (chose position themselves)

Running order for second semi-final:

1. Iceland
2. Sweden
3. Turkey
4. Ukraine
5. Lithuania
6. Albania
7. Switzerland
8. Czech Republic
9. Belarus
10. Latvia
11. Croatia
12. Bulgaria
13. Denmark (chose position themselves)
14. Georgia
15. Hungary
16. Malta
17. Cyprus
18. FYR Macedonia (chose position themselves)
19. Portugal (chose position themselves) 

Running order in final:

2. United Kingdom
4. Germany
19. France
22. Spain
23. Serbia (Could pick themselves)

Voting order in the final

1. United Kingdom
2. Macedonia
3. Ukraine
4. Germany
5. Estonia
6. Bosnia-Herzegovina
7. Albania
8. Belgium
9. San Marino
10. Latvia
11. Bulgaria
12. Serbia
13. Israel
14. Cyprus
15. Moldova
16. Iceland
17. France
18. Romania
19. Portugal
20. Norway
21. Hungary
22. Andorra
23. Poland
24. Slovenia
25. Armenia
26. Czech Republic
27. Spain
28. Netherlands
29. Turkey
30. Malta
31. Ireland
32. Switzerland
33. Azerbaijan
34. Greece
35. Finland
36. Croatia
37. Sweden
38. Belarus
39. Lithuania
40. Russia
41. Montenegro
42. Georgia
43. Denmark

Source: EuroVisisionary
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