Norway’s second chance tomorrow only with knockout rounds

When Norway tomorrow picks two more songs for the final it will be in a show only consisting of head to head matches. For these duels only SMS votes are allowed ruling out the ones without a mobile phone. The show will take two hours with half an hour break in between.

Six of the eight songs competing in this second chance round were chosen as they came third and fourth in their semi-finals, but in the Norwegian system this year no one was out until a few days ago where it was announced that KeSera would get a wildcard to the second chance round as they were the ones with most televoters received among the immediate losers after all three semi-finals had been held.’s readers had the honour of electing one more wildcard that would also compete in the second chance competition. They ended up picking Foxy for that spot.

The eight songs have now been divided into four head to head matches who will compete in the first half of the Norwegian show. After half an hour break the four winners will meet in two other knock out rounds. The winners of these last two rounds go on to the final which is live from Oslo Spektrum the 21st of February 2009.

Duel A: KeSera versus Espen Hana
Duel B: Janni Santillan versus Surferosa
Duel C: Sunny versus Publiners
Duel D: Foxy versus Jane Helen

These four duels take place from 19:55 – 20:45 CET while the two below will be from 21:15 – 21:50 CET.

Duel E: Winner of duel A versus winner of duel B
Duel F: Winner of duel C versus winner of Duel D

Voting number:

If you want to vote you will need to send a sms to 26600 with the number of the song you want to vote for. The price if 5, – nkr per vote.
Song nr 1: KeSera feat. Anita Hegerland – Party
Send sms 1 to 26600 to vote for this one.

Song nr 2: Espen Hana – Two Of A Kind
Send sms 2 to 26600 to vote for this one.

Song nr 3: Janni Santillan – (Like You Did) Yesterday
Send sms 3 to 26600 to vote for this one.

Song nr 4: Surferosa – U Look Good
Send sms 4 to 26600 to vote for this one.

Song nr 5: Sunny – Carrie
Send sms 5 to 26600 to vote for this one.

Song nr 6: Publiners – Te Stein
Send sms 6 to 26600 to vote for this one.

Song nr 7: Foxy – Do It Again
Send sms 7 to 26600 to vote for this one.

Song nr 8: Jane Helen – Shuffled
Send sms 8 to 26600 to vote for this one.

Source: NRK, EuroVisionary
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