Nina has a magical start in Düsseldorf

Serbia were next to rehearse, and we had another break from the all-pervading English language. Will this break from the norm yield a place in the final?

Caroban gave us a flavour of the 1960s swinging music scene, and it does actually work.  For the first time today, we didn’t actually get to see what Nina and her chums will be wearing next week.  Nina today was dressed in black and white striped clothes – maybe a taster of things to come.

The backdrop continues with the psychedelic feel, with concentric circles giving the impression of us moving through a striped tube.  The general performance is very like the national final, with Nina’s three female backing singers moving round the stage in a very groovy fashion.

The small crowd that were watching this rehearsal couldn’t help moving to the beat, just a little.  And in direct contrast to the rocky styling from Turkey, Serbia should be a safe bet for the final.

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