The magic continues for Serbia’s Nina in Düsseldorf

We took another trip back in time just now when the very retro Caroban was given its second rehearsal.  We saw more of the outfits on the night, and how the choreography will work.

Nina continued to impress this afternoon, as we got the full effect of how Caroban will be performed next week.  They were now in costume, which continues with the 1960s vibe.  Nina is in a short black and white dress, while her backing singers are in black wigs and pink, green and orange dresses.  The psychedelic look was completed by the same back drop that we saw at the first rehearsal.

There is lots of interaction between Nina and her backing singers, and the three minutes could be straight out of a 1960s pop music show.  A large cfowd had gathered to watch it, and we were all impressed.

Serbia will be in the final if they are able to repeat this show on 10 May.

In my view

I like this song because it’s different to anything else.  Nina looks good, and is able to command the stage.  Her backing singers don’t upstage her, just compliment her very well.  In short, it’s great.

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