Line up of Belgian Semi finals complete!

Sandrine, the ‘Soul diva’ was voted the viewers favourite, while the band ‘Paranoiacs’ took the silver. 

The line up of the semi finals in the Belgian Preslection has been finalised after the 4th and last heat on sunday. The show was presented by Bart Peeters.  Sandrine, the new Soul diva who came 3rd in the Belgian Pop-Idols show in 2004, gave a performance of international standards with her song, ‘I feel the same way’.  The second place in the televoting went to the ‘Paranoiacs’ who presented an almost metal rocksong ‘Shout it out’.

Sandrine came to prominence very quickly in the Flemish pop music industry with her debut album ‘That’s me’. The CD spent several weeks in the charts and also received the well known TMF-award and the Zamu-award.  Despite her fame her song was less feted by Katrina (eurovision winner 1997) who was one of three jury members for the show.  Katrina’s option therefore was destined for the Paranoiacs for their non-eurovision sound.

The two jury wildcards were also revealed on Sunday night, they went to:

  • Tabitha Cycon: Rumour has it
  • A butterfly mind: Lonely heart on wheels

The running order of the first heat in the semi final

  1. Tanja Dexters: Addicted to you
  2. Nelson: When I can’t find love
  3. Paranoiacs: Shout it out
  4. A butterfly mind: Lonely heart on wheels
  5. Katy Satyn: Magical Sensation

The running order of the second heat in the semi final

  1. Geena Lisa: Wheel of time
  2. Tabitha Cycon: Rumour has it
  3. Sandrine: I feel the same way
  4. Ishtar: O Julissi Na Jalini
  5. Brahim what I like about you



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In my view

The Belgian selection is missing the more innovative of songs. But I’m am very happy that the duo A butterfly mind, formed by two sisters, were selected as one of the wildcards by the jury. Their song is simplistic and gives a sense peace without any exaggerated movements. It’s sounds to me like more world-music with Celtic sounds. The one and only song who can give a new value in terms of diversity.

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