Five Eurovision Song Contest entries to be chosen Saturday evening

Tonight features eight shows with voting. Five of them are national finals where a song for Moscow will be chosen.  In the schedule you can see if your favourite country is providing you with a webcast and later tonight you can of course read all about the shows.

It is going to be a busy Saturday with eight important shows taking place. Below you can see information about each of the eight shows tonight

Country Type Time TV channel Number of songs Webcast
Armenia National final 18:30 – 20:40 CET AMPTV 21 songs No webcast
Iceland National final 21:05 – 22:35 CET RÚV 8 songs Webcast
Lithuania National final   20:00 – 22:00 CET LRT 10 songs Webcast
Moldova National final 19:30 – 23:30 CET TRM 20 songs Webcast
Norway 2nd chance round 19:55 – 21:50 CET NRK 8 songs Link announced later by NRK
Poland National final 20:15 – 23:05 CET TVP1 10 songs

No webcast

Spain 1st semi-final 22:30 – 00:00 CET TVE1 10 songs Webcast
Sweden 2nd semi-final 20:00 – 21:35 CET SVT1 8 songs Webcast

EuroVisionary would like to wish all of our readers a great Saturday evening no matter which of the shows you decide to watch. We will of course inform you about what happened in all eight countries once the results are known.

Source: Esctoday, EuroVisionary
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