Feminnem found everything was easy in their rehearsal

Our other previous participants (after Niamh Kavanagh) took to the stage on a warm afternoon for their first rehearsal.  This is a classy ballad, arguably the best in the second semi-final, and we wanted to see whether Feminnem’s experiences in Kyiv in 2005 would stand them in good stead.

Feminnem may have changed part of their line-up since 2005, but they mean business this time.  Now competing for their home country of Croatia, we’d like to see them do well.

The three girls will probably be dressed in off-white.  They didn’t rehearse in costume, and the only indication we had was when a said off-white dress was brought on stage for the cameras.  They start off sat on a wooden park bench while they sing short solo pieces at the start.  They will be joined on stage during the song by two female dancers, whom dance with two of Feminnem while the other performs solo.  We also see the effects of wind machine and also another unique prop – a large two-piece heart that appears at the end of the song.

Our setting is basic, with curtains around the stage of a dark gree, hue.  The beads used several times so far glow similar colours.

As it a complete contrast to Cyprus, it appears as though it will qualify.


Source: Eurovisionary.com
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