Experience the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in 3D with EuroVisionary

EuroVisionary is proud to announce that we will bringing this year’s Eurovision Song Contest even closer to you – also if you are sitting at home. For the first time ever you can now experience most of the contest in real 3D – and no, this time it is not an April’s Fool joke. 

On the first of April 2010, the Norwegian host broadcaster NRK joked about broadcasting the Eurovision Song Contest in 3D. No one has taken it up since that, but that is about to change this year as EuroVisionary will be recording most of our videos in 3D. You might have seen videos from others trying to create a 3D effect post recording, but that is nothing can actually match true 3D recorded in double HD – and that is what you can expect from us in Baku.

An inexpensive pair of 3D glasses is all you need to enjoy our 3D videos. If you have specialised hardware you won’t be needing the coloured glasses at all. 

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In our presentation video below you can get a feel for what it’s like to watch 3D videos on YouTube. For Eurovision In Concert held in Amsterdam on Saturday we might just bring you some footage in 3D, but it won’t be anything near what you can expect from Baku when we record the rehearsals with the proper backgrounds and equipment used on stage. Here it will stand out and we can hardly wait for you to see just how awesome this will be.

If you do not feel like watching our videos in 3D they can, via youtube, also be watched in 2D – and we will make sure to produce some 2D content as well. 

Source: EuroVisionary
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