Eurovision Song Contest diary day 2

Sunday’s accreditation problem is solved and it appeared like everything nice and slowly got into the Eurovision rhythm again during Monday. Denmark and Iceland even had time asking the question about if Iceland should re-join the Kingdom of Denmark.

As hectic as everything was Sunday just as relaxed was Monday. Most people have sort of now gotten use to how things can be in Russia and the amazing stage has given everyone something positive to talk about. Really, the stage is what most people are talking about – but everyone seems to agree. There are two things which are being mentioned in that way: The size of it (It really is large) and the fact that it doesn’t look like what we have seen the past five years.

Some of the artists give tastes of their skills at the press conferences, while the Icelandic Head of Delegation, Jonatan Gardarsson, was teaching history! Liza Petersen from OGAE Denmark pointed out that Iceland left the Danish Kingdom in 1944 and asked if they would like to re-join as that might also help them to be able to host the Eurovision Song contest should they win it. Jonatan throw himself into the deep water and started a longer lection about Scandinavian history. Once he was back in 1200 he decided to end it there. He knew what he was talking about and was clearly quite dedicated so maybe Iceland has indeed been missing out on a good teacher. After the problems Sunday people really needed a little laugh and a smile on their faces: Jonatan gave us that!

Liza later revealed that the question was based on last year where Jonatan out loud had said that her question, asking Euroband why they only performed their entry in English and not Icelandic at a party for Islanders in Copenhagen, were lousy. Liza wanted her kind of “revenge” and had therefore been thinking about a good little question for Jonatan. With that kind of game between those two it’ll be interesting to see what happens at the second Icelandic press conference.

Jonatan later told that he had actually been asking the same question 25 years ago. Ok, Iceland does have a small number of inhabitants, but back under the Danish crown again when we already have Greenland and Faroe Island? No, I don’t think so. Certainly not know where Iceland is in deep financial problems. As a small country they might be in a more risky situation than larger ones, but fact is also that we Danes have been seeing how Iceland has been living way over its ability the past ten years bragging about their money (which turned out all to be borrowed!) and buying up all the companies they could possible find, companies that went down when the financial crises hit Iceland. No, I have always believed that Iceland made the wrong choice back in 1944 – they abandoned us when we were occupied by the Germans. Had England not been encouraging them so much – and had Iceland been able to see that the world war would soon end they probably wouldn’t have left. They did and that is a decision they will have to stick to. Now, if we could get Norway back as well then I would be glad to welcome both countries back – or would I? Our similar music taste results in points for each other at the Eurovision Song Contest and can we do without those? I have often heard Danes saying that in order to win a Eurovision Song Contest we need to have Greenland and Faroe Island participating as well – there might be something about it, aside from that I don’t think Faroe Island will give us many points, but that is for another time! Maybe we can get Jonatan to roll up a historical analysm on these things?

I might not sleep well in the stone hard beds at the hotel, but  atleast I have found myself a very comfortable little office in the working area. The big beanbags are more comfortable than any chair could be. But judge for yourself – it is me in the picture although my hair is a lot shorter than usual. I still haven’t gotten use to it, but everyone is commenting on how well it apparently suits me with short hair. It is different, very different and it takes time getting you to not having any hair hanging down my neck.

Source: EuroVisionary
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