Eurovision ringtones and DVD’s popular in Sweden

A total of four of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest entries are to be found on the top20 chart for ringtones in Sweden. Only two of them made it to the single chart, but the official album with all 43 entries are selling well – and even former shows are selling well on DVD’s. 

It has become popular to have a Eurovision Song Contest entry as ringtone, so popular that 20% of the 20 best selling ones in Sweden are from this year’s contest that ended two weeks ago with an Azerbaijani victory. In Sweden the number one ringtone at the moment is quite natural their own entry, Eric Saade‘s Popular. As #9 we find the Danish one, A Friend In London‘s New Tomorrow, which has improved significantly from last week’s #17. New on this list in Sweden is the participating song from another neighbour, Finland. Da Da Dam sang by Paradise Oskar has entered as #12 while the winning song from Azerbaijan Running Scared entered as #16.

On the single chart only two of the entries made it in Sweden; Ireland’s Jedward and their own Eric Saade. The Irish entry Lipstick is currently 11th on the single top60 with a total of two weeks on the list. Eric Saade’s Popular has had a total of 12 weeks there, but has now dropped to #21. 

The official album with all participating songs are generally always selling good in the Scandinavian countries and Sweden is no exception this year. The album has sold gold, is number one for the second week in a row with a total of three weeks so far on the album compilation top20. On second place we find the album containing all songs from the 2011 Swedish selection, Melodifestivalen and as #9 with a total of 10 weeks on the list we find The Greatest Eurovision hits – Best of the Nordics. This compilation is, as the name includes, a double CD with former Eurovision entries from the five Nordic countries.

The DVD from this year’s Eurovision Song Contest is not yet released, but on the Swedish DVD top20 we can see that the population spend the waiting time seeing the older shows. The Congratulations show 2005 is currently #2 on that list while the DVD from the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest is #5. On 8th position we find the 2010 show and the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest is on the list as 11th most sold music DVD from the past week.

Source:, EuroVisionary
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