Eurovision 2014: 2nd dress rehearsal of 1st semi-final

Excitement is highly felt on Eurovision island as we are set for the second dress rehearsal which also happens to be the jury’s semi-final. Tonight’s show plays a pivotal role in the qualifying chances of each of the sixteen acts who will try to impress the jury that amounts to 50% of the outcome.

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Each of the three dress rehearsals for the
three live shows are being covered by individual writers. This gives you
the best opportunity to get the widest spread of opinions. 

The hall is more crowded for the second dress rehearsal at the main highlights from last year’s contest leading up to Denmark’s victory are show. Emmelie de Forest walks the streets
as a camera follows her. A virtual choir is showed in the opening sequence leading all eyes to the Eurovision capital. Emmelie is then on stage singing Only Teardrops with a number of singers.

Soon after the hosts; Lise Rønne,
Nikolaj Koppel and Pilou Asbæk take the stage and together they say the re-owner phrase "Good evening Europe".
Lise is clad in an elegant
white dress with a huge white flower covering one shoulder. The male hosts are wearing smart dark suits and white shirts, Nikolaj
is also wearing a tie.

The postcards that introduce each country features the respective artists who are doing different activities and in the end they form the flag that they are representing.

01. Armenia: Aram Mp3  Not Alone

As expected Aram Mp3 gives a flawless performance. He is showing his emotions in this song. Aram Mp3 is wearing a dark coat. The background in red clearly depicts passion in this song presentation. As soon as the song reaches a climax there is an impressing aerial shot which catches the fire flames. The audience are clearly appreciating his performance and gives him a warm reprise.

02. Latvia: Aarzemnieki – Cake to Bake

The Latvian group takes the stage to bake their cake. Joran starts off by walking through one of the catwalks with his
guitarist. Joran’s vocals are average as he is a bit out-of tune during the low notes. The four
members are enjoying every minute on stage and try to transmit positivity while aiming to put Latvia in the final after an absence of six years.

03. Estonia: Tanja – Amazing

It is time for Tanja who is well trained to perform this song. Although she is doing a challenging dance routine her vocals are still good. Her movement together with the male dancer is the key for this act. It is simply spectacular as the camera shots make it look amazing. Tanja ends her performance by embracing the male dancer as the audience give a warm applause.  

04. Sweden: Sanna Nielsen – Undo

Sanna is looking stunning with a short elegant black dress. The stage is dark while moving light-heads are situated around her. The vocals are very strong which should impress the jury. She is also connecting well with the camera while people switched on the flash on their cell phones and are waving throughout the song. The Swedish entry is given a warm applause in the press centre. 

05. Iceland: Pollapönk – No Prejudice

The Icelandic group Pollapönk is next on stage with their colourful out-fits. The background on stage is also colourful. The group is giving a spirited and energetic performance but there is a lot of shouty vocals which may irritate the viewers. At the end they spell out the letters to make out the word LOVE. Overall it is a crazy performance which may not appeal enough to qualify.

06. Albania: Hersi – One Night’s Anger

After a short break, Hersi is on stage clad in a lacy beige and gold dress which makes her look great. She gives a wonderful performance for her sweet song. The beautiful harmonies together with her backing singers are pleasant to follow as she is also joined with a guitarist who does the solo. The audience seems to like her effort as she aims to put Albania back in the final.

07. Russia: Tolmachevy Sisters – Shine

The Russian beauty twins are next with their stunning performance. The are clad in cream long dresses while situated on a see-saw. They both behold each other through their extended pony tail. Their vocals are tuned and it a remarkable shiny performance. No reaction at the press centre for the Russian entry but it should sail into the final.

08. Azerbaijan: Dilara Kazimova – Start a Fire

Azerbaijan is now on stage with Dilara clad in a wonderful red dress. A female dancer is doing some circus moves on a special swing. Dilara’s vocals are good but can still improve to make the song sound stronger. For the first time in years, Azerbaijan is not clearly a favourite but somehow the country might qualify for the sixth time.  

09. Ukraine: Mariya Yaremchuk – Tick Tock

This performance is well produced. Ukraine are used in having an average song turned into a well presented act. Mariya is wearing a black dress with black leatherlike bodice. She looks gorgeous as she poses in front of
the man running inside the wheel. Her vocals are good and the lightning used for this act is impeccable. The press present give a warm applause to Mariya. 

10. Belgium: Axel Hirsoux – Mother

It’s time for the Belgian voice, Axel who sings to his mother. Axel is wearing a tuxedo as he sings with great passion for this intense song. The purple backdrop makes this a classic act. Axel is accompanied by a female dancer who performs a dance routine. The song may not be so appealing and Belgium might struggle to qualify from tomorrow’s semi-final. 

11. Moldova: Cristina Scarlat – Wild Soul

Cristina and her wild soul is next on stage. The Moldovan hopeful is clad in a flowing blue dress with a golden shoulder decoration. She tries to transmit passion in this song as her vocals are good but not strong enough to make this act punchy. The song might make it due to the good draw but it will finish up on the second half of the scoreboard.

12. San Marino: Valentina Monetta – Maybe (Forse)

Valentina is now on stage doing her third attempt to put San Marino in the final for the very first time. Valentina is clad in a white long dress while connecting well with the camera to transmit this romantic song. As the song grows there is a change in the lightning and background. Her vocals are very good and may be tomorrow it will be her night. 

13. Portugal: Suzy – Quero Ser Tua

After another short break it is time for gorgeous Suzy who is clad in a red shiny tight dress. The colours of the Portuguese flag i.e. green and red can be easily identified in the background. Everyone seems to enjoy this simple and dancing song. Suzy’s vocals are good and reach their optimum level at the end. The press and fans seems to enjoy this act. 

14. The Netherlands: The Common Linnets – Calm After the Storm

The Common Linnets are on stage with the duo are singing close to each while using a lot of eye contact with each other. They are singing a relaxed sweet song which can receive good airplay. Their voices are tuned through-out the song. The draw can help The Netherlands’ chances as some members of the press give a warm reprise.

15. Montenegro: Sergej Ćetković – Moj Svijet

Sergej is taking the stage to sing a typical Balkan ballad. He is clad in a dark suit. The patterns appearing on the stage floor through skating are marvelous. Sergej gives a strong performance as he really owns the stage. Montenegro are clearly representing Balkan music this year as the song tries to be the sole Balkan ballad in the final. 

16. Hungary: András Kállay-Saunders – Running

András is the last competitor to go on stage as he is wearing a tight fitting black t-shirt. There is a lot of running in the begining of the song. The
female pianist and male dancer do their hide and seek routine in order to depict the main theme of this song.
András vocals are average but ending the run-through can make this performance, memorable.

The 10 qualifiers

I believe the ten qualifiers will be:

Armenia, Estonia, Sweden, Albania, Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Portugal, The Netherlands and Montenegro.

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