Eurovision 2014: 1st dress rehearsal for 2nd semi-final

Following last night’s fantastic show fifteen acts went on stage for their first dress rehearsal aiming in fine tuning their performance in time for tomorrow’s semi-final that will round up the finalists to twenty-six. As expected, excitement was on the rise as the press and fans were able to watch a full run through of the second semi-final.

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Each of the three dress rehearsals for the
three live shows will be covered by individual writers. This gives you
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We are greeted to a montage of highlights from the first semi-final while then a little girl starts a journey towards the arena while the remarkable stage boxes are virtually moving around. We then see a violinist who leads up to an impressing dance on stage which includes extraordinary acrobacy. Soon after another a violin tune the hosts Lise Rønne, Nikolaj Koppel and Pilou Asbæk took the stage and said the remarkable phrase "Good evening Europe". Lise is clad in an elagant black dress while Pilou is wearing a black suite with a white shirt. Nikolaj is all in black. 

01. Malta: FirelightComing Home

Firelight were the first act to start the run through. We see the group at Golden Bay holding a gate with the George cross on it. They lit up the gate to form the colours of the Maltese flag. Firelight were all wearing casual outfits with Richard Edwards (lead singer) is wearing a white t-shirt. The group did not show the energy they showed in previous performances however the aerial shots captured the fantastic stage floor. Overall it was not as strong as one expected from Firelight but they might be saving the best for tonight’s jury’s semi-final.

02. Israel: Mei Finegold Same Heart

The Israeli artists introduces her song by forming her flag on a salt pan. Mei Finegold is clad in a black short-flowing dress. From the initial parts of the song you notice that Mei is being aggresive and passionate about her song. The flashing lights make this song presentation very strong. Mei’s vocals were very good and the best so far. The press gave a warm reprise.

03. Norway: Carl Espen Silent Storm

Carl Espen is seen working a wooden window while painting to make the Norwegian flag. Carl clad in a blue shirt and a dark suit starts singing on a very dark background. He connects well with the cameras as he gave a flawless performance. Though the song might not appeal to everybody his voice is enough to attract the viewers’ attention.

04. Georgia: The Shin and MarikoThree Minutes to Earth

We see next the group and Mariko forming the Georgian flag through wine glasses. Perhaps the Georgian wine is the sole thing I love about this act. Mariko is clad in a green long dress with the rest on stage are wearing dark outfits. There are a lot of shouty vocals which distracts the attention from the main concept behind this song. I can’t see this going through.

05. Poland: Donatan & CleoMy Słowianie – We Are Slavic

We see Donatan in the postcard recording Cleo’s vocals on a wavelength that features the red and white colours of the Polish flag. We are given a treat by the wet busty female beauties who are extremely provocative. Cleo’s vocals are a bit shouty but the press gave a warm applause to this act. Am sure that many male viewers will highly appreciate this song as it is very memorable.

06. Austria: Conchita Wurst Rise Like a Phoenix

Conchita is next on stage and she introduces the song by hanging red and white dress in an opera theatre. The Austrian hopeful is absolutely fabulous in the golden long dress. Conchita gave a flawless performance as this act really have substance. The aerial long shots are stunning and this is truly modern television. A very warm reprise was given at the end.

07. Lithuania: Vilija MatačiūnaitėAttention

Vilija is seen setting up a group people holding balloons with the Lithuanian flag colours while she takes a picture of it. Despite all the movements, Vilija’s vocals are very good. Though the song is a bit repetetive the flashing and marvelous background make this act punchy. Lithuania made it in the past against all odds and I can’t see this one not doing the same.

08. Finland: SoftengineSomething Better

The Finnish group are forming one huge ice block to present the flag from Finland. Softengine gave a great performance as they rocked the stage. The ordinary viewers who are not so keen about the contest and young people will pick up their phone and vote for this song. The act is a Cold Play wanna be but overall this act should sail into the final.

09. Ireland: Can-Linn (featuring Kasey Smith)Heartbeat

The Irish postcard features helium balloons that form the flag from Ireland. Kasey Smith looked very gorgeous in the flowing long shiny dress. The male dancers are not synchronised with the music of this song however Kasey’s vocals were good. The background and stage floor are amazing enough to make this act remarkable. The only minus in this act is the dance routine which shouldn’t be there.

10. Belarus: TeoCheesecake

Teo was next as he is featured in a hockey stadium forming the Belarussian flag through coloured cylinders. Teo is clad in a dark suit and white shirt as he does some sexy moves. His vocals were very good while appeared very confident on stage. The kicking part at the end is a cheap attempt to make this song memorable however the good draw this song has might help the country in qualifying.

11. F.Y.R. Macedonia: Tijana To the Sky

Tijana is seen playing the cello as the Macedonian flag is formed. From the first notes of this act you will notice that Tijana is going to give a pleasant performance. Her vocals were very good as the moving around shots gave strength to this song presentation. The last aerial shot got improved as it is still focuses on Tijana. It was the best performance Tijana gave so far and this should be the second Balkan country in the final.

12. Switzerland: SebalterHunter Of Stars

Sebalter is seen forming red blocks as he forms the Swiss flag. Sebalter is appearing very confident on stage as he sings this folk song. Sebalter is clad in a white shirt, black trousers and black waistcoat. The whistling part adds to the fun on stage while his vocals were good. Compared to other acts, this song is not strong enough but it can qualify due to the good draw.

13. Greece: Freaky Fortune feat. RiskyKidd Rise Up

We can see the Greek hopefuls putting white shells on a blue cloth to form the colours of the Greek flag. It was time to rise up and dance with the Greek entry. Nikolas vocals were below average however one do not need strong vocals with this type of song. The flicking shots and all the jumping make this act very memorable. There is no doubt that Greece will qualify but the vocals should highly improve.

14. Slovenia: Tinkara Kovač Round and round

Multi-talented Tinkara Kovač is seen forming the Slovenian flag through a number of books. In her performance she is wearing a long flowing blue dress with black satin. The vocals were very good and the best for her so far. The backing vocals seem to create a great harmony together. It is a very pleasant performance but not sure if this qualifies. Viewers might try to remember this song as the one from the lady with the flute. 

15. Romania: Paula Seling & OVIMiracle 

Ending the run-through we see Paula Seling & OVI who are given a treat through fantastic fireworks that form the Romanian flag colours. The illusion shot makes this song very memorable. The vocals were very good as Paula looked stunning in the shiny short dress. This act is very magical and there is no need of a miracle for Romania’s chances to qualify. This should advance to the final hands down.

The 10 qualifiers

I believe the ten qualifiers will be:

Israel, Norway, Poland, Austria, Lithuania, Finland, Ireland, F.Y.R. Macedonia, Greece and Romania.

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