Eurovision 2009: Day 1 Press Conferences

Finally, here we are. The National Final season started in Bulgaria last October and the next two weeks will see the 2009 Eurovision season reach a climax in Moscow. After each delegation has rehearsed, they will give a Press Conference to the media. Eurovisionary will bring you a summary at the end of each day.

Opening proceedings was Montenegro. Andrea Demirovic appeared with songs composer, Ralph Siegel. With much experience in Eurovision PR, Ralph said that to be in Russia for the contest was a dream. He also praised Andrea for her artistic skills. Andrea herself expressed her satisfaction at her rehearsal and gave a rendition of ‘Just Get Out of My Life’ to the assembled journalists.

‘Super Gypsy’ from the Czech Republic was next. Lead singer, Radoslav Banga, believes he is not just representing Romania, but the whole Roma population. He clarified the language of the song, which he said is in Romani. Czech and English. When asked what the difference is between Superman and Super Gypsy, Radoslav said the difference is that Super Gypsy is real, and sleeps and even goes to the toilet in his costume.

Belgium was forced to rehearse later and therefore their conference was also later than advertised. Belarus stepped into the breach to rehearse third. Peter Elfimov gave a brief biography. He first went on stage when he was six years old. After graduating from the Belarus State Music Academy, he now teaches at the Modern Knowledge Institute, specialising in Popular Singing. He is currently working on his new album, Glance of Love

Having finally overcome some overzealous security, where accredited persons needed their accreditation badge to get into the area where the badges had to be collected from, Belgium’s Patrick Ouchène did his rehearsal and press conference. Although he wants the focus to be on the performers, and not the visual effects, it was revealed that a cartoon cat will be visible on the video screen at the next rehearsal. Memories of Eurocat from 1990 will surely be evoked.

No doubt all glass objects were taken from the room for conference number five, Malena Ernman from Sweden. She revealed that she is equally nervous performing opera and pop. The biggest issue for her is the use of a microphone, something that as an opera singer, she is not used to using.

If you were wondering what ‘Jan Jan’ means, the Armenian singers, Inga and Anush had the answer. They said that it represents happiness, energy and friendliness towards other people. They remained tight lipped about their costumes for the semifinal next Tuesday.

What does the contest mean in a tiny country like Andorra? According to Susanne Georgi, it means a lot. “We feel that Andorra is now a full Eurovision country!"  Explaining that it was RTVA’s decision to use English in the song, Susanna said that it is in English to give Andorra a better chance of qualifying for the final for the first time.

The aim of Switzerland’s Lovebugs is to Rock and Roll during their time in Moscow. When asked if their style is suitable for the contest, they replied that they don’t see why a song like The Highest Heights shouldn’t fit into the contest.

Bringing up the rear for today was Turkey. She was asked if she had any plans to record a Turkish version of the song. She said there are no plans as the song is very popular already in its current form. She was also asked if it was inappropriate for a Turkish woman to be sexy on stage. She invited the journalist to go to Istanbul to see how Turkish women really dress.

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