Espen Hana and Publiners to Norwegian final

In a close second chance competition in Norway Espen Hana and Publiners managed to win the last two spots for the final that takes place in Oslo Spektrum next Saturday. Elisabeth "Bettan" Andreassen was a surprise guest star when she jumped on stage and performed Swedish 1982 entry Dag After Dag.       

Duel A: KeSera introduces themselves in a boat simulator where they almost crash into an Espen Hana ship. Espen Hana introduces himself on a fish factory.

Male host, Norwegian commentator Per Sundnes, talk to the two competitors and after a short while Maria Haukaas Storeng, the female host who represented Norway in Belgrade announces the result. Espen Hana survived the meeting with KeSera and continues to the next level.

Duel B: Janni Santillan introduces herself flying helicopter and when she lands a group of children help her raise the Melodi Grand Prix flag.
Surferosa introduces themselves on a football stadium. They are driving around handling out water to some players and visit the locker room as well.

During the short talk with Per Sundnes it is clear than Janni has a large family and she says hi to all of them! When Maria announces the result Janni can put down the flag again. Surferosa continues to the next level.

Duel C: Sunny introduces herself being out fishing. She catches a suitcase.
Publiners introduces themselves at a furniture factory. Sunny is being strapped, packed down and sent to Siberia!

After the little talk with Per Sundnes Maria is ready with the result. It is clear that Sunny won’t be using her suitcase for Oslo as Publiners can continue in the running to get a place in the Norwegian final.

Duel D: Foxy introduces themselves in a workshop where they teach a group of male dancers a bit from their dance.
Jane Helen introduces themselves all dressed in penguin Tuxedo’s. They walk around in a deserted area of ice and snow.

In the three first duels the last of the songs won and it doesn’t come as a surprise either that it is Jane Helen winning this duel either.

The two hosts Per Sundnes and Maria Haukaas Storeng presents the two duels that will take place once they are back after a 25 minutes break:

Duel E will be Espen Hana against Surferosa while Publiners will face Jane Helen in duel F. The winners of those two duels will continue to the Norwegian final.

The four songs are being performed once again. There is still time for a little talk after each duel, but this time no results are immediately announced.

After the last two duels three female singers performs Dag After Dag, the 1982 Swedish Eurovision Song Contest entry. Half way through they are joined by Elisabeth “Bettan” Andreassen, one half of Chips who sang the song for Sweden. She also won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1985 as one half of the Norwegian duo Bobbysocks who won in Sweden singing La’ Det Swinge.

The eight songs that went straight to the final in the three semi-finals are being shown on video clips and shortly after a local football hero brings to envelops to the stage. It is now time to find out which two acts get a second chance to represent Norway at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow.

The two winners are: Espen Hana and Publiners!

Source: EuroVisionary
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