EBU Press Conference

The EBU Press Conference took place on 26 May 2010 at the Telenor Arena, Oslo.  Amongst the topics discussed were the provisional dates for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest and also the trophy for the the 2010 contest were revealed.

Svante Stockselius and NRK television were happy with the broadcast of the first semi final on 25 May 2010.  There were only 3 points between the 10th qualifying country and the next country to miss out. There was one country who had to use full jury voting because the EBU were not satisfied with the televoting procedure in that country.

The contest this year will be broadcast to the 39 competing countries and also to Australia, New Zealand, Kazahkstan, Montenegro and Kosovo.

NRK are using 3 hosts this year for the semi finals and final.  One of them will be voting host.

Svante commented about the change in the voting procedure this year where televoters can vote right from the start.  The EBU think this has been proved successful from early indications from the first semi final.  The first 2 countries qualified but also so did the final 2 countries.

Fines were imposed last year  to some countries who broke the rules.  If any country violates those rules again then they could face disqualification.

The floor was opened for questions.  An Italian journalist asked if there was any progress in Italy coming back to Eurovision.  Svante advised the EBU are in constant negotiations with RAI tv and each time they are getting a little closer to bringing them back.

The provisional dates for the 2011 Eurovision were revealed. First semi final 17 May 2011, second semi final 19 May 2011 and the final on 21 May 2011.

A question was asked whether a winning country could afford to host the Eurovision Song Contest in the current financial climate.  Svante said that this matter would be discussed with the winning broadcasting nation.  Infact, Greece in 2006 made some money through sponsorships.  So, it is hoped that the winning country can succeed in the hosting of the contest.

The 2009 winner, Alexander Rybak, was invited on stage.  He advised that by winning Eurovision he has been recognised wherever he goes and he is happy to put a smile on peoples faces.  He was happy to sell many singles and albums as a result of winning the contest.  Alexander has a new album ready for release in June.

Finally, Alexander revealed the new trophy for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest winner.

Source: www.eurovisionary.com
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