No hard-on at the Eurovision Song Contest

Last Saturday Didrik Solli-Tangen won the Norwegian final with the song called My Heart Is Yours, but is now being teased in the media with the fact that it sounds like he is singing about his genitals. The name MGP-Dick has been attached to him, but will most certainly not be used on the stage in Oslo in May!

English can be difficult to pronounce and sometimes a minor difference can change the entire meaning of a sentence. Didrik Solli-Tangen is experiencing that at the moment after winning the Norwegian national final, Melodi Grand Prix, Saturday the 6th of February. The Norwegian media are focusing on the fact that when he sings the title of the song My Heart Is Yours it sounds like he is singing something completely different; My Hard Is Yours. If anyone doesn’t get the meaning the word Hard means here his erection!

Norwegian commentator through many years Jostein Pedersen has noticed that Didrik in general has a problem with swallowing the letter t when singing and fears that the English speaking countries might pick on that.  The journalist Thomas Talseth doesn’t fear that anyone else will tease Didrik – he does it himself: “If Didrik really sings My Hard Is Yours we will just have to call him MGP-Dick”.

Speaking therapist, Jorunn Fiveland steps in to defend Didrik; "He doesn’t have any speaking problem and was probably just nervous. That he sings Hard instead of Heart just means that he take the ends harder. It only needs a little correction to change that". Didrik himself is mainly just laughing at the whole thing, but does add that his singing coach can probably help him.

Judge for yourself below if Didrik really have a problem or not.

Source: VG, EuroVisionary
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