Croatia hope for a celebration on Tuesday

The rehearsals finished today with Croatia taking to the stage.  It looks like Celebrate still needs a bit of work, but it has lots going off to keep your interest.

Daria Kinzer gives us a lot to think about in her performance.  It’s a genuine floor-filler disco number, but did not really hit all the right spots in her rehearsal.

We have a DJ on stage with a mixing deck.  He also dances with Daria.  Her four female backing singers are in dark suits, and do a bit of moving around the stage.  Daria starts off in a little black dress with a gold stripe.  She then disappears behind a shower curtain and reveals a longer pink dress.  More is in store when right at the end she’s enveloped in a shower of silver glitter and changes again to a long silver dress.

Her performance was a little off key.  Some of the camera angles need a bit of work, but she makes good use of the catwalk.  The proof will be on Monday when we see her rehearse again, but there’s still a chance that this could qualify.

In my view

This didn’t come across very well at all.    It needs a lot of work to qualify, and it’s among songs that have come across a lot better.

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