Azeri Milli Seçim Turu Continues with its 5th heat This Week

Host country Azerbaijan continues non-stop with their national selection, Milli Seçim Turu’s, fifth heat this week. Another group of nine participants will fight for the semi-final battle and the winner will be placed alongside the previous semi-finalistsl; Orhan Kerimli, Meryem Kerimova, Hayyam Mustafazadeh and Feqan Seferov.

In the last selection week of the year in Azerbaijan, the fifth semi-finalist will be picked from another group of nine participants. They are; Azad Şabanov, Samir Memmedov, Elton İbrahimov, Günay Ahmedova, Elnara Kazımova, Yan Kaşepava, Süleyman Ağakişiyev, Fidan Hüseynova and Aydın Eyvazzadeh. The selection carries on with the same format and with the same hosts Hüsniye Maharramova and Leyla Aliyeva this week too. In the first day, the participants performed their World Hits choices. The details of the first evening are as follows:

•    Azad Şabanov – Part Time Lover (Steve Wonder) – 19 votes
•    Samir Memmedov – Osen (Kit-I) – 103 votes
•    Elton İbrahimov – Crazy Little Thing (Queen) – 104 votes
•    Günay Ahmedova – I Love You Baby (Gloria Gaynor) – 120 votes
•    Elnara Kazımova – I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor) – 13 votes
•    Yan Kaşepava -Oh! Darling (The Beatles) – 1 votes
•    Süleyman Ağakişiyev – No Promises (Bryan Rice) – 47 votes
•    Fidan Hüseynova – Anytime, Anywhere (Sarah Brightman) – 6 votes
•    Aydın Eyvazzadeh – Umbrella (Rihanna) – 21 votes

The second day continued with the melodies from Azeri Music and the scoreboard was:

•    Azad Şabanov – Yaşanan Günler – 112 votes
•    Samir Memmedov – Yandırdın Kalbimi Aman – 249 votes
•    Elton İbrahimov – Sana da Kalmaz – 437 votes
•    Günay Ahmedova – De Sevirerim – 561 votes
•    Elnara Kazımova – Rest Gelerem – 46 votes
•    Yan Kaşepava – Tup Tup – 8 votes
•    Süleyman Ağakişiyev – Pencereme Kondu Çiçek – 104 votes
•    Fidan Hüseynova – Ben Küsmeyim Neyleyim – 59 votes
•    Aydın Eyvazzadeh – Dede Korkut (Movietrack) – 319 votes

With these performances and results, the first two days in the fifth heat of Azeri Milli Seçim Turu has ended. As in previous editions, the show will continue with the performances of Eurovision Hits on Wednesday. Thursday will be the performance day and the fifth heat will end with the participants’ choice on Friday. The shows will start at 18.00 CET (21.00 with local time) and will of course be aired by İçtimai TV via satellite and web. 

Below you can find the previous editions of the Azeri Milli Seçim Turu:

1st heat: Orhan Kerimli
2nd heat: Meryem Kerimova
3rd heat: Hayyam Mustafazadeh 
4th heat: Feqan Seferov

Source: EuroVisionary
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