All 43 preview videos to be released today

During the past couple of weeks preview videos from this year’s participating songs has been released. It has been hard to keep track on them, but that will all have changed by the end of the day.

All the participating countries met in Belgrade on Monday where the draw also took place. They officially handed in their songs and their preview videos. Many of these videos have already been aired in various medias and before midnight they will all have been presented and published on the official site,

Starting from 12:00 CET will publish the preview videos in their Media Lounge. Each 15 minute a new video will be published so for the ones without anything else to do all you have to do is be at your computer from 12:00 CET, go into the Media Lounge, watch the first video 4-5 times and refresh the page after that. Then repeat the same pattern all day and you be among the first to see the videos. If you do however have a life outside the Eurovision Song Contest guarantees that the videos will remain there once they are published so people can always come to the site and see all published videos – and by the end of this day all videos will be available.

As an extra little detail the videos will be published in the running order they will be participating at in the Eurovision Song Contest in May. It is not realistic to expect that the TV viewers have a fresh mind for each song performed on stage. Whether we like it or not then people are influenced by the impression they get from the songs performed earlier – and by publishing them in the running order we get the chance to see how it affects us.

Does some songs suddenly sound better as they come after a weak one or will some of our favourites lose a bit when presented in a row with other strong songs? And how much does the preview video add to our impression of a song? Do we get to understand what a song is about without necessarily understanding the language in which it is being sung?
All those questions will be answered today!

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