42 Songs Confirmed: Moscow Calling!

After the Swedish Melodifestivalen and the song presentation in the Czech Republic, we have just begun the countdown to the Eurovision Song Contest which will be held in Moscow this year. While we are deciding our favourites in this year’s competition, tomorrow is the submitting deadline of the official preview videos.

There are just about 58 days left to the first semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest in the Olympiski Sport Center, Moscow. Now we are sure that forty-two countries are participating this year after the Georgian withdrawl, and tomorrow is the deadline of the preview videos to be submitted for the participant countries. 

It seems some of the countries such as Norway and Sweden have decided to use their national selection video records as their preview videos. On the other side, some countries such as Bulgaria and Spain have decided to use an older album video, and the rest have made new videos. 

We would like to share with you the complete list of the participiants’ songs:

 Country  Participiant  Song
 Andorra  Susanna Georgi  La Teva Decisió (Get A Life)
 Armenia  Inga & Anush  Nor Par (Jan Jan)
 Albania  Kejsi Tola  Carry Me In Your Dreams
 Azerbaijan  Aysel & Arash  Always
 Belarus  Petr Elfimov  The Eyes That Never Lie
 Belgium  Patrick Ouchéne  Copycat
 Bosnia & Herzegovina  Regina  Bistra Voda
 Bulgaria  Krassimir Avramov  Illusion
 Croatia  Igor Cukrov & Andrea  Lijepa Tena
 Cyprus  Christina Mexata  Firefly
 Czech Republic  Gipsy.cz  Aven Romale
 Denmark  Brinck  Believe
 Estonia  Urban Trad  Rändajad
 Finland  Waldo’s People  Loose Control
 France  Patricia Kaas  Et S’il Fallait le Faire
 Germany  Alex Sings, Oscar Swings  Miss Kiss Kiss Bang
 Greece  Sakis Rouvas  This Is Our Night
 Hungary  Àdok Zoli  Dance With Me
 Iceland  Jóhanna Guðrún Jónsdóttir  Is It True
 Ireland  Sinéad Mulvey & Black Daisy  Et Cetera
 Israel  Noa & Mira Awad  There Must Be Another Way
 Latvia  Intars Buluis  Probka
 Lithuania  Sasha Son  Love
 F.Y.R. of Macedonia  Next Time  Nesto Sto Kje Ostane
 Malta  Chiara  What If We
 Moldova  Nelly Ciobanu  Hora Din Moldova
 Montenegro  Andrea Demirovic  Just Get Out of My Life
 Netherlands  De Toppers  Shine
 Norway  Alexander Rybak  Fairytale
 Poland  Lidia Kopania  I Don’t Wanna Leave
 Portugal  Flor de Lis  Todas As Ruas Do Amor
 Romania  Elena Gheorgi  The Balkan Girls
 Russia  Anastasia Prikhodko  Mamo
 Serbia  Marko Kon & Milan Nikoliç  Cipela
 Slovakia  Let’ Tmou  Kamil & Nela
 Slovenia  Quartissimo  Love Sympony
 Spain  Soraya  La Noche Es Para Mi
 Switzerland  Lovebugs  The Highest Heights
 Sweden  Malena Ernmann  Le Voix
 Turkey  Hadise  Düm Tek Tek
 Ukraine  Svetlana Loboda  Be My Valentine
 United Kingdom  Jade  My Time
Source: EuroVisionary
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