Eurovision final soon coming up – time to place your last bets

Odds are so low for Duncan Laurence to win that some bookmakers closed for bets on this. With just a few hours to go, there are however still chance to earn a little bit of extra cash if you dare to gamble on anything else than a Dutch victory.

If you are convinced the Netherlands will win this year’s Eurovision Song Contest you will no longer be able to earn money it. The bookmakers places him with 46% chance of a victory. If you think someone else might take home the trophy, you can however win a few bets. How much of course depends on who you place your hard earned money on.

Winner odds

The biggest amount to earn would be on a German victory. If S!sters are to win the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, you can currently get as much as up to 500 times back your stake, but let’s be honest, would a sane person place such a bet knowing they would lose their money? This just isn’t going to be Germany’s year, but there are other bets with a higher chance of being able to pay for your next holiday.

Should you place your money on an Estonian win, you need to look carefully before selecting which bookmaker to use. You can find anything between 50/1 and 400/1. If you think Cyprus might exchange last year’s second place to a victory, you can get your money back with an average of 150.

With the Netherlands being such a big favourite there are money to earn on many other potential winners. You can be quite sure that Russia’s Sergey Lazarev will put in everything he can – and that Russia will gain quite a lot of votes from friendly countries around them. Currently you can get your money back up to 35 times, if he wins.

It’s just a few days ago, the bookmakers after Bilal Hassani’s rehearsal took him from 12th to 3rd in the odds to win this year’s contest. After the two semi-finals, he has dropped again and odds now shows 50/1.

Sweden rarely gets it wrong at Eurovision. They have their eyes on the 7th win which will bring them a tie with Ireland as most winning country. In the past five years, their worst result is last year’s 7th place. Their impressive results lately – and the fact that John Lundvik will deliver a perfect performance in the final, does make it one to watch out for. Though he is 4th in the odds, you can get quite decent a payback at 19/1.

Top 10 odds

If you don’t dare to place a bet straight on a winner, there are also other options. Top 10 is quite a lot safer, but naturally with less money to gain. None of the countries tipped in top 10 have odds above 2/1, so to earn a decent amount, you need to look for the ones outside this list.

Could Malta’s Michela make top 10? Odds for her to do so are currently at 3.25/1. If you want an even higher cash back, you might want to consider Denmark for a top 10 result at odds 9/1 or Estonia at 12/1.

Do you prefer to take a bigger chance Serhat representing San Marino is interesting. If he makes top 10, you get your money back 26 times. United Kingdom at 21/1 could be interesting too.

All odds are from Eurovisionworld.

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