Eurovision 2019 Semi-final 2 – Just how accurate were the bookmakers

The bookmakers scored 9 out of 10. The second semi-final was a lot tougher with so many big favourites placed in this semi-final, but yet they managed better than in the first semi-final.

It is not always easy to predict the result of a semi-final. Bookmakers managed to hit 8/10 for the first semi-final with many fans reporting that they scored 7 or 8 too, and some even lower. It wasn’t any easier for the second semi-final. It was the strongest of the two semi-finals with most of the favourites battling in this one. The arguments have indeed already started that some countries are now out of the competition – despite having significantly better songs than some who made it through the first semi-final. They were just unfortunate to end up in the toughest group.

For the second semi-final, the bookmakers failed to see Albania reaching the final. They had instead predicted that Armenia’s Srbuk would qualify. They had her in 9th place, and Albania as 12th.

For odds to win, the Netherlands is still top favourite with impressive 40% chance to win. Australia from first semi-final is currently second with 11%, while Sweden is third followed by Russia in 4th place. Switzerland is currently 5th.

At the very bottom they have Germany in 26%. If S!sters are to win, you can get money back up to 500 times!

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