Eurovision 2019: Change in odds after all standard rehearsals

All 41 acts have now been through their regular rehearsals twice. The dress rehearsals are ready to begin – tonight, the juries will vote, and tomorrow, the first of three live shows will take place. As rehearsals came to an end, bookmakers adjusted their odds.

We know what each act will look like on stage. They have all rehearsed twice – and the second and last one was followed by small clips of the planned camera work for each. The first dress rehearsal for the first semi-final is just about to kick off. Tonight, the juries will be voting. That’s half the points that will be decided.

After seeing how odds changed after first round of rehearsals, we now look at how they further developed as all standard rehearsals finished. (All odds are from Eurovisionworld).

First semi-final

  • Cyprus went from first to second in odds for the first semi-final. In the overall ranking to win the contest, she dropped from 9th to 12th.
  • Montenegro was last in odds to qualify from the first semi-final, and that hasn’t changed. It hasn’t changed either that the country is last too in the total ranking to win.
  • Finland still haven’t impressed the bookmakers. Darude might be a big name, but Sebastian’s vocal challenges in rehearsals made them drop. They are still 16th for the semi-final, but dropped further in the overall winner ranking from 31st to 33rd.
  • Poland was close to qualifying after first rehearsal. That is still the case as they remained in 11th place. For the win, they remain in 29th place.
  • Czech Republic dropped again from 5th to 7th in odds for first semi-final qualification. In the overall ranking to win the contest, they keep their 16th place.
  • Hungary’s Joci Pápai is back for a second Eurovision participation. He improved after his second rehearsal from 6th to 5th. For the win, he remain his odds as 28th.
  • Belarus went from 14th to 13th in the odds for first semi-final. She also earned one place in the overall ranking for the final; from 35th to 34th.
  • Serbia comes with another comeback artist. Nevena Božović was first 8th, then 7th and now she is 6th to qualify from the first semi-final. To win the contest, she improved from 26th 22nd.
  • Belgium is still 9th in the odds for first semi-final. In the combined final odds, he dropped from 22nd to 24th.
  • Georgia impressed the bookmakers a bit more. Oto went from 16th to 15th and now to 14th for the first semi-final. In the overall winner ranking, he went from second to last to 37th.
  • Australia jumped a lot after first rehearsal, and after second, she advanced again, from 4th to 3rd for the semi-final. For the win, she went from 11th to 9th.
  • Iceland’s Hatari are a bit of a dark horse this year. It’s impossible to predict how they will do. After second rehearsal, they went from 3rd to 4th in the odds for the semi-final. For the final win, they went from 8th to 10th.
  • Estonia was predicted 10th to qualify – and as such just on the edge. That hasn’t changed, but Victor did drop from 24th to 26th for the total win.
  • Portugal comes with another unique song hard to predict. After all standard rehearsals, Conan went from 11th to 12 to qualify for the final, and for the win, he went from 18th to 19th.
  • Greece went from second to first in the odds for the first semi-final. In the winner odds, she went from 10th to 11th though.
  • San Marino’s Serhat is another comeback’er this year. The bookmakers however don’t believe he will qualify. He went from 13th to 15th to qualify from first semi-final, but winner odds changed from 39th to 38th.

Second semi-final

  • Armenia’s Srbuk is still 9th in the odds for the second semi-final. In the overall winner ranking, she went from 19th to 20th.
  • Ireland was tipped last for this semi-final, and unfortunately that’s still where they are. For the win, they remain in 30th position on the ranking.
  • Moldova went from 14th to 15th to qualify for the final. For the total win, they however improved slightly, from 37th to 36th.
  • Switzerland’s Luca Hänni was 4th to qualify from this semi-final and that is still the case. To win the contest, he however went from 6th to 7th.
  • Latvia remains 17th in the odds for second semi-final. In the overall ranking, they dropped from 38th to 40th.
  • Romania’s Ester Peony is still in 12th position to reach the final and as such, outside the qualifiers. Odds for her to win, improved slightly from 32nd to 31st.
  • Denmark was 10th and last to qualify from the second semi-final. That’s still the case today. For the overall win, they improved slightly from 20th to 18th.
  • Sweden impressed everyone in their second rehearsal. At some point, the odds even for the second semi-final even placed them first. They are however back in second place now. For the total win, they went from 5th to 2nd.
  • Austria went from 15th to 13th in odds for second semi-final. For the total win, they went from 33rd to 32nd.
  • Croatia wasn’t expected to qualify for the final, and they still aren’t. Roko is still 16th in the odds for the second semi-final. In the overall winner odds, he dropped from 34th to 35th.
  • Malta is still 6th in the odds to make it from this semi-final, just as they were when rehearsals started. They are 8th in the odds to win the entire contest.
  • Lithuania dropped from 13th to 14th in the odds for the semi-final, and as such, it will be a surprise if they qualify. In the combined winner odds, they even dropped further from 36th to now 39th.
  • Russia’s big star Sergey Lazrev went from second to third in the odds for this semi-final as Sweden moved ahead. In the odds to win, he dropped from second to fourth as both Sweden and France went ahead.
  • Albania was placed 11th and as such just barely outside the 10 qualifiers. That is still the case, so don’t rule out Jonida yet. For the total win, she dropped from 21st to 23rd.
  • Norway dropped from 7th to 8th in the odds for the second semi-final. For the win, they went from 13th to now 15th.
  • The Netherlands was favourite to win the semi-final, Duncan Laurence had dropped to second after first rehearsal, but now he is back in first place. He is also still the bookmaker favourite to win the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.
  • North Macedonia comes with another comeback’er this year. Tamara now went from 8th to 7th in the odds for the second semi-final. To win the show, odds changed from 15th to 13th.
  • Azerbaijan went from 5th to now 4th in the odds for the second semi-final. To win, he first went from 12th to 4th and now Chingiz is 5th.

Big 5 + host country

  • United Kingdom’s Michael Rice went from 23rd to now 21st in the odds to win the contest.
  • Spain’s Miki was 14th in the odds and that still remains the case.
  • Italy is one of the fan favourites, but it dropped from 3rd to 6th in the odds for the total win.
  • Germany was 27th in the odds, and that hasn’t changed.
  • France impressed a lot. Bilal went from 12th to now 3rd in the odds to win.
  • Israel was tipped 25th – and that hasn’t changed.
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