Eurovision 2015: Serbia’s second rehearsal

Serbia will be performing 9th in the upcoming First Semi Final this Tuesday. The country is represented by Bojana Stamenov with the song Beauty Never Lies. Are there any changes since the country’s first rehearsal? What is the impression left by the song amongst the other entries in the running order? We try to answer your questions reporting live from inside the hall of Wiener Stadthalle.

It might be from one former Yugoslav republic to another we move on to but there is a noticeable change in tone between F.Y.R. Macedonia’s lyrical melancholy and Serbia’s exuberant dance number. Based on what we saw today, it is Serbia that might come out more favourably out of the comparison.

Serbia’s rehearsal goes well. The white flags used during Serbia’s first rehearsal have now been replaced by substitutes in subtle pastel colours. If the Serbian delegation were trying to smooth down the colourful explosion that occurs when the dancers discard their long white coats, then the use of coloured flags is a very perceptive move – I still believe that the surprise should be kept as big as possible so I would have preferred the original white flags to be kept though. Bojana has a beautiful smile that lights up the camera and manages to hit the difficult big notes every single time.

Serbia has managed to qualify four out of the six times it has competed in the semi finals.

Our video from Serbia’s second rehearsal can be seen below.

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