Croatian broadcaster reveals 16 acts for national Dora selection 2019

A bunch of well known Eurovision names such as Jacques Houdek, Tonči Huljić and Charlie Mason will take part in this year’s Dora as songwriters or composers. The 16 acts that will compete to represent Croatia at 2019 Eurovision Song Contest have been revealed today by Croatian National Broadcaster, HRT (Hrvatska Radiotelevizija).

HRT has recieved a total of 170 entries during the submission period. A special jury consisting of Vanna, Zlatko Turkalj, Igor Geržina, Ante Pecotić, Zlatko Gall, Antonija Šola and Željen Klešterka selected the following 16 acts for the national final Dora:

  • Elis Lovrić – All I Really Want (E. Lovrić – E. Lovrić – E. Lovrić/O.Dešić)
  • Luka Nižetić – Amorero Brutarero (B. Mihaljević – M. Mihaljević – B. Mihaljević)
  • Gelato Sisters – Back To The Swing (T. Hrelec – T. Hrelec – T. Hrelec)
  • 4 tenora – Brod Bez Imena (E. Botrić/M. Šimac – M. Šimac – E. Botrić)
  • Beta Sudar – Don’t Give Up (P. Martinjak – P. Martinjak/M. Johansson – P. Martinjak)
  • Bernarda Bruno – I Believe In True Love (D. Rapotec Ute – T. Bon/B. Brunović – D. Rapotec Ute)
  • Domenika – Indigo (T. Huljić – V. Huljić – L. Škaro/T. Huljić)
  • Manntra – In The Shadows (M. Matijević Sekul/M. Kolarić/B. Kolarić – M. Kolarić/M. Matijević Sekul/B. Kolarić – M. Matijević Sekul)
  • Jure Brkljača – Ne Postojim Kad Nisi Tu (M.D. Rus – M.D. Rus – M.D. Rus/M. Blum)
  • Ema Gagro – Redemption (A. Björkman/A. Pupavac/K. Persson/E. Gagro – A. Pupavac – A. Björkman/A. Pupavac/K. Persson/E. Gagro)
  • Lea Mijatović – Tebi Pripadam (I. Ivanović/M. Vojvodić – I. Ivanović/M. Vojvodić – I. Ivanović/M. Vojvodić)
  • Lidija Bačić Lille – Tek Je Počelo (D. Dumančić – Fayo – B. Đurđević)
  • Jelena Bosančić – Tell Me (J. Bosančić – J. Bosančić – J. Bosančić/A. Devčić/H. Domazet)
  • Lorena Bućan – Tower of Babylon (T. Huljić – V. Huljić/I. Huljić –L. Škaro/T. Huljić)
  • Roko Blažević – The Dream (J. Houdek – J. Houdek/C. Mason/A. Čubrić – I. Škunca/F. Gjud)
  • Bojan Jambrošić i Danijela Pintarić – Vrijeme Predaje (A.T. Eterović – L. Čeči Baksa – A.T. Eterović)

The results of the final will be determined by a 50/50 combination of votes from a professional jury and public televoting. 

The twentieth edition of the Croatian national selection will be held on February 16th in Opatija. This is first time since 2011 that Croatia won’t choose their entry internally. 

Croatia in the Eurovision Song Contest 

Croatia debuted in the contest back in 1993. They achieved their best result – fourth place – on two occasions: in 1996, when Maja Blagdan performed Sveta Ljubav and in 1999, when Doris Dragović performed Marija Magdalena.

Last year the country failed to qualify to the grand final, placing 17th in the first semi-final with the song Crazy performed by Franka. In the link below you can watch Jacques Houdek’s Eurovision performance from 2017 – this time in a special Full Stage View article:

Source: HRT
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