Croatia 2018: Franka releases “Crazy”

Franka’s song Crazy, which will represent Croatia at 2018 Eurovision, has officially been released today. At the same time the video for the song has also been premiered. Croatia will take part in the first semi-final.

This year the Croatian national broadcaster HRT held an internal selection in order to determine their representative in Lisbon. On February 13th, the broadcaster revealed that their choice is Franka and the song titled Crazy. The song is composed by Branimir Mihaljević and penned by Franka herself. Mihaljević was also responsible for Croatia’s entry from 2010, Lako Je Sve by Femminem.

As she tried to describe the process of making her Eurovision entry, Franka said that it almost came out of nowhere:

We came up with the song unexpectedly. We were recording the three songs we were going to propose for Eurovision in the studio and this one just crept up suddenly. Branimir started playing it on the piano, I started humming the lyrics and that’s how Crazy came about. We picked it up right away because it’s unusual and unexpected. It’s powerful, emotional, strong, modern and production is great. I hope the audience will love it.

Branimir Mihaljević describes Crazy as a current, original and surprising song:

Franka has all the qualities of a true world star and we did our best to make a world song, keeping up with the current trends, but at the same time creating a completely new sound and original atmosphere. Young Denis Mevlja had a big role in the making of the song, and mixing was done in London’s Metropolis Studio by the people who had created the sound of Adele, Amy Winehouse, Lana Del Rey and many others. The final processing of the song will be done by London’s legendary Abbey Road Studio. I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you hear the song.

Siniša Bevanda, who is Franka’s manager, revealed some details about the concept of her performance:

We want a beautiful and impressive performance, but we won’t be doing anything very spectacular. We have some interesting ideas and this is the most intensive period for us because the whole concept must be worked out. From the video clip and costume design to the performance. We got some valuable advice from recognized professionals and colleagues with whom we had worked in Zagreb when Franka was the opening act for Beyoncé, so that means a lot to us.

The Head of the HRT’s Eurovision Song Contest Team, Tomislav Štengl, has some big expectations to Franka this year as Croatia manages to qualify for the grand final both in 2016 and 2017:

Nina Kraljić made it to the final, and brilliant Jacques Houdek ranked very highly last year according to the audience votes. He was thirteenth in the end, which is a great result among the 42 participating countries. We think Franka can also fulfill our basic goal of making it to the final, and once you get to the final – all is open.

Franka will perform her song Crazy in second half of the first semi-final on 8th of May at the Altice Arena in Lisbon.

In the video below you can listen to this year’s Croatian entry:

Do you like it and do you expect Croatia to qualify for the final third year in a row after they returned to the contest in 2016?

Source: HRT
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