We want Metallica for Denmark!

With Andrew Lloyd Webber writing the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest entry for the United Kingdom, System of a Down rumoured for Armenia and Johnny Logan for Ireland next year’s Contest can be flooded by so-called “big” names – in that case I would suggest DR to go for Metallica.

Fans and probably also the EBU were cheering when British broadcaster, BBC, announced that the world famous musical writer Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber would write the song that should represent the United Kingdom in next year’s Eurovision Song Contest. And to be sure that the singer can live up to his high standards he will be in charge of picking him or her as well. His CV goes beyond anything we have ever seen in the Eurovision Song Contest and the hope is that his participation will encourage other bigger names to take part as well.

For years we have seen too many who basically went straight from the X-factor or Idols TV studio to the Eurovision stage and got nowhere with a song that was forgotten about even before it ended. And for years we have been shouting at the UK every time they ended somewhere down the bottom of the scoreboard. They have so many good names that are best sellers all around Europe – why don’t they try with those?

Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber is already confirmed and latest is that System of a Down is mentioned as a possible band to represent Armenia. Rumours also say that Johnny Logan should have been asked to represent Ireland once again. Ok, many might not consider him a big name, but fact is that he still is a best seller in Denmark, Sweden and Norway and could be likely to receive high points from Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands as well.

DR, Danish broadcaster haven’t yet announced any participants for the 2009 Dansk Melodi Grand Prix – aside from that they already promised us some high quality names who would normally not be seen in a Danish final. It is not likely to happen, but I would like to see Metallica, Alphabeat and Infernal battling it out. See, that would be a final hard to beat! Infernal and Alphabeat are Danish bands yes, but many would probably not consider Metallica a band that can live up to DR’s rules about no foreigners in the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. Metallica’s drummer, Lars Ulrich, is Danish and furthermore then the band recorded their first records in Denmark so yes, the connection to the country is big enough to live up to the rules. Metallica is a possibility and I believe that the band would actually do this for a bit of fun, but with all due respect for DR then I don’t believe it would ever cross their minds to ask them. What a shame though as Metallica for Denmark, Andrew Lloyd Webber for the United Kingdom, System of a Down for Armenia and Johnny Logan for Ireland would give us a very interesting 2009 Eurovision Song Contest – and if they all did rather well we’ll have set the standard for the other countries to chose their absolute top names for the coming years.

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