The songs so far…

Although we still have fourteen weeks to go, thirteen entries have been announced so far. I can’t believe how quickly they were announced, but it seems an exciting contest is coming.

This year the competition started with an amazing choice from Greece. All fans, including me, were very excited with such a famous name, Sakis Rouvas is coming back to Eurovision stage. Then Turkey made public their selection; famous Belgian girl Hadise was going to shake at Moscow. Then another suprises with Sir Webber, Patricia Kaas and so on… now, we already know thirteen songs that will compete in Moscow. So I decided to make a list of my favourites. I had to make it, because all songs are being released so quickly. Let’s take a look at all thirteen songs.

Denmark: This year’s most exciting national final was Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. There were only ten songs but noone could have known the winner before. Honestly, I was very keen to see Hera Björk’s Someday win, but another amazing song from Brinck won, Believe Again. I don’t think Denmark will fail in semifinal two altough we will have a Balkans fight in it. Brinck is my favourite so far…

Slovenia: I wouldn’t believe it was an Eurovision song if I hadn’t watched Slovenian national final. It seems there aren’tt too many lyrics in Quartissimo Semphony and it reminds me of the 2008 Bulgarian entry by Deep Zone & Dj Bathazar. But it’s of such a different quality with the ethnic melody. It won’t be a big suprise if they qualify for the final. Slovenia is my second favourite…

Turkey: What a lucky country is this? Turkey participating in first semifinal which all their friends are in. I wouldn’t be exagerating when I say that I would probably qualify if I sang in Moscow this year as Turkish entrant. It seems they will easily win first semi final. On the other hand, fans are very happy that Turkey is back with Turkish music style mixed with western music. As you’ll remember, Turkey didn’t have much ethnic sound since Sertab Erener’s Everyway That I Can in 2003 especially with Athena (ska), Sibel Tüzün (pop), Kenan Doğulu (RnB), Mor ve Ötesi (rock). Let’s see what else might be happen at the stage.

United Kingdom becomes my 4th favourite with Jade. I haven’t heard such a beautiful voice in years. She reminds me of Beyoncé and Chiara. Although I was expecting a bit more from Loyd Webber, he composed quite a nice song, My Life. I think this year all British people will be happy with the results especially with 50% jury voting.

Has Albania brought another young talent just after amazing Olta Boka? Kejsi Tola has quite catchy song Më Mërr Në Endërr (Take me in your dreams) this year. Unfortunately Albania is in the second semifinal, as a Balkan country where Balkan fight might be happen but it won’t be that suprise event if she qualifies for the final.

Romania had problems with receiving songs to the national final this year. Last week we found out that Elena won. The song, "Balkan girls like to party like nobody", is a nice Balkan song which has chance of qualifying for the final. Elena is my sixth favourite…

Finland seems they bored entering to contest with rock style. I think Waldo’s People go on with the style of Icelandic Euroband style. It’s not quite sure if Finland is qualifying to the final from first semi withouth many Nordic countries that competing in second semifinal although a nice catchy song they have. They really will need to Lose Control and must show interesting live performance on May.

Is popularity a reason to bring Patricia Kaas to Eurovision Song Contest? I would’t be suprised if France fails with bad result with the song S’il Fallait Le Faire. Patricia Kaas is  one of the music divas who I am really in love with. But is her music style suitable for the contest? Yes, but only if it was a music contest; it’s like tradition and show contest with great music. Honestly Patricia would be the winner in my list if it was only a music contest. Anything may happen but Patricia needs to perform very well on stage.

Netherlands is back to basics with De Toppers this year. The group is made up of three men with a lot of experience, they will sing the song Shine. A plus is that the group is well known in Europe but the bad fact is that they are in a Balkan semifinal. It seems it will be very hard to qualify to the final for them but they will try to Shine anyway.

Montenegro seems to have upgraded their music taste after 2007 and 2008. Andrea Demirovic will sing the Montengrin entry in English for the first time, the song is Get Out of My Life. I don’t think people will get this song out of their heads. Probably Bosnia & Hersegovina and F.Y.R. of Macedonia will help her to survive. It’s not sure that Montenegro will qualify from such a friendly semifinal but at least Andrea will bring quality music. Montenegro completes my top 10.

Andorra, Hungary and Belarus aren’t much of a suprise this year. When you listen to all three songs you say: "Ah yes, this is a Eurovision song." Their styles are not interesting, and it won’t be a suprise if they don’t qualify even though there are 30 songs yet to be announced.

Whatever happens this year, it’s gonna be another great Eurovision Song Contest. Two semifinals and one final! Let’s see what will happen…

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