The Second Semi-Final – a Prediction

Feeling buoyed after only getting two wrong on Tuesday, I’m back for another go at predicting who will qualify from the second semi-final. OK, with only 15 songs competing, I’m guaranteed to be 50% correct, but let’s see if I can predict all 10.

Malta: Firelight Coming Home – It is inevitable that some of the countries which do reach the final will do so by default, simply because there have to be 10 that go through. First song on and we already have one of those. Some of my friends like it so maybe it’s just me

Israel: Mei Finegold Same Heart – While there are some that will be in the top 10 by default, there are definitely others whose place will be richly deserved. Step forward Mei.

Norway: Carl EspenSilent Storm – Carl was one of the early favourites but has slipped down the betting recently. Even so, he shoulodn’t pack his bags just yet.

Georgia: The Shin and MarikoThree Minutes to Earth – Or, as I call it, three minutes to put the kettle on!

Poland: Donatan & Cleo My Słowianie – We Are Slavic – This one had already received many hits on YouTube before it was announced as the Polish entry. In a stronger, more populated semi, it wouldn’t get any further, but here, who knows?

Austria: Conchita WurstRise Like a Phoenix – There is usually a major shock to be had in the semis and the first one on Tuesday didn’t have one. Could this be the shock of the year?

Lithuania: Vilija MatačiūnaitėAttention – If there is one song that is very hard to make a case in favour of, this is it. I really can’t see this being performed on Saturday.

Finland: SoftengineSomething Better – Finland’s is a will it/won’t it entry. It is easy to see the result going either way and it will probably just miss out.

Ireland: Can-Linn (featuring Kasey Smith)Heartbeat – Some of Kasey’s vocals have been called into question during rehearsals. If she doesn’t get it right, it’s bye-bye. However, if she gets through it unscathed, it’s ‘see you Saturday.’ 

Belarus: TEOCheesecake – The only chance this has is the novelty factor. I don’t think it’s meant to be a novelty song, but it is whether he likes it or not.

F.Y.R. Macedonia: TijanaTo the Sky – Actually, Tijana, get ready to hit the ground because you’re going nowhere!

Switzerland: SebalterHunter Of Stars – Those that were going to vote for TEO because of the quirky factor have just changed their mind and have decided to vote for Switzerland instead.

Greece: Freaky Fortune feat. RiskyKiddRise Up – Greece is a country that always qualifies, even if the song is lousy. This lot look like they have been dragged off the steet and asked to sing for Greece. Even so, expect to see it on Saturday.

Slovenia: Tinkara KovačRound and Round – There is a lot of good feeling for Tinkara and her song should be popular enough to go through. If not, there will be one very disappointed 5 year old girl in this house, so please Europe, vote for Slovenia.

Romania: Paula Seling & OVIMiracle – Possibly the most popular act among the fans, is it possible that the dup could suffer the same fate as other fan favourites who have returned? Dana International, Selma and Elitsa and Stoyan have all failed to reach the heights of their original efforts. Could Paula and Ovi suffer the same fate? Don’t rule it out. 

As in the first semi-final, there are six countries virtually certain to qualify; Israel, Norway, Austria, Greece, Slovenia and Romania. The rest will be Malta, Ireland, Switzerland and Poland.

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