My guess on semi 2 qualifiers after the last rehearsal

The second semi has some very obvious qualifiers. I had 8 out of 10 in my semi one predicition and will try to at least have the same result in the semi 2 prediction.

Lithuania – Supposed to be funny acts has not done well the last years. The last time I can remember such an entry doing well was Lithuania 06 LT United. I actually think this has what it takes to make people vote for it and that it’s a qualifier.

Armenia – Looks very good on the tv-screens and it would be a giant surprise to see this not qualyfing.

Israel – I see this as a quite sure qualifier.

Denmark – I had this as a sure qualifier since the national final but I have the feeling that something here is lacking in the performance. Can still qualify but not sure it will anymore.

Switzerland – This is a pleasant song. Some people think it will do better than predicted
but I think this is a clear candidate for bottom 3.

Sweden – I hope my dear homecountry and Anna will be in the final but I am usually wrong when it comes to prediciting the outcome. I’m not sure if this a qualifier but so many people has told me that it is a qualifier that I chose to say it’s a qualifier.

Azerbaijan – The favourite to win looks pretty good. It’s not a clear winner but
in the end my gut feeling says this will be top 3 at least.

Ukraine – If this had been in semi 1 it might maybe have qualified. But it should have no chance to qualify.

Netherlands – Another song that some people think can do better than predicted. I have it bottom 3 since the moment I heard it and I’ll stick to it.

Romania – Looks good on the screens. I remember I wasn’t too impressed by the song the first time it was presented for me but I came to like it and I think it might qualify.

Slovenia – Neighbour votes is the only thing that can save this from last place.

Ireland – I had this as a sure qualiifer but I am not as sure as I was anymore.

Bulgaria – It’s a nice uptempo number but the feeling is that it’s enough to qualify.

Cyprus – Nice performed though being one of many ballads won’t help. Another song that might qualify.

Croatia – A sure qualifier and some people here talks about it as the winner.

Georgia – Sofia sings fantastic. I think this can go all the way.

Turkey – maNga pulls off an impressive show and is an obvious qualifier.

My final prediction would be:



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