Mihai Trăistariu: The 2009 songs part 4

In this final blog, former Romanain representative, Mihai Trăistariu share his opinions of songs from Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden Switzerland, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom and Ukraine.

Romania – Elena – The Balkan Girls: Elena has a great voice, she looks great and her dancing is very good. The Romanians know what they want….they choose her to represent us and they have done well. I personally think Elena will do a very good job, regardless of result. Even if we are not leading the polls, I wish her a GOOD LUCK!

Russia – Anastasiya Prihodko – Mamo: Had they been in a semifinal, I think it would have been the first time that Russia would not have qualified in the final. The massive nine countries from the ex – Soviet block will not vote for it. This is the worst song ever for Russia. It was the time for this. I was tired of how many times Russia was in the first 5…and they deserve to be more down.

Serbia – Marko Kon & Milan Nikoli  – Cipela: Personally, these funny songs are not really to my taste. It came last year from Spain and Ireland (with the toy stuff on stage) and they were never voted for. I think that will happen with this song too. This kind of parody song is not for Eurovision. Eurovision fans prefer an exceptional voice instead of a piece so "slowly", normally, I don’t think it will enter in the final, but with the block votes: Montenegro, Bosnia, Slovenia  and Macedonia, it could easily be in front of the others. Let’s see what influence the jury will have this year.

Slovakia – Kamil Mikulcik & Nela Pociskov – Let Tmou: An obsolete ballad sung by several forgeries, not impressionists. Maybe they are famous in their country and this is the reason that they have won, and because they are playing in their language it will not help them at all. BORING!!! He sings better than her. The girl is screaming without sense.

Slovenia – Quartissimo – Love Symphony: Again violins? Ok, the song does not sound bad and it’s not a bad idea, but the girl screaming? Nothing special. Why does she appear? Were the violins not enough? Some people will consider it something "rich" and they will vote for it, but me? I WILL NOT!

Sweden – Malena Ernman – La Voix: Even if it is not a modern song, it has something very special. An operatic voice, which has sometimes been used at Eurovision, can impress in this case. The people are saturated with non-singers, so many will prefer this type of voice and song. At the chorus, I don’t like how her voice sounds. It is clear that she must sing opera and not a pop music. However the rest is just very good. I can say that has high chances to enter in the first 5.

Switzerland – Lovebugs – The Highest Heights: I was thinking, “Where are the rock stars from last year?” Lordi has started this rock tone in 2006, and everyone was coming with rock after them. It is not a bad song, the guys voice sounds like Peter Gabriel. The song is a bit thin but it might wake up again all the rock people from all over the world. They want to vote something, and what do they see? They will vote for Switzerland. I will not bet on this song. It is ok, but has nothing special.

Spain – Soraya Arnelas – La Noche Es Para Mi: The oriental rhythms have high rates in the Eurovision Song Contest. The song is a little obsolete….the girls voice is very good but still old-fashioned. The song is still sung well. I don’t lay back when I listen to it. It’s as if they think that this year’s song has something of the Eurovision atmosphere, and this will help them to receive votes.

Turkey – Hadise – Crazy For You (Dum Tek Tek): In my opinion, this is most likely song to win this year, but I am not a fan of this type of song. I can see her song on the radio in all Europe and in the clubs. It has all the ingredients and this girl is very nice. My opinion is that this will be the song of this year.

United Kingdom – Jade Ewen – It’s My Time: An excellent voice, a composer who is exceptional, a good song. Somewhere it gets boring. The song doesn’t build, it is the same from head to tail. The United Kingdom is awake after the previous years, when they didn’t do anything. I think she will reach the top 10 with this song.

Ukraine – Svetlana Loboda – Be My Valentine: A piece of show. I am not killing myself for it, but Ukraine has made us accustomed to parodies like this, the "antichrist" girl is very giddy and might catch. She is not vulgar and that is good.

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