Mihai Trăistariu: The 2009 songs part 3

In the third out of four blogs about the 42 songs competing at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest Mihai Trăistariu, former participant, has been listening to Latvia, Lithuania, FYR Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Montegro, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland and Portugal.   

Latvia – Intars Busulis – Probka: Dusty rock also exists. Although I have heard about them when I was in Latvia, I am not impressed with anything. It is a removed song, and then, in the European context, I don’t know if they could moveglass.

Lithuania – Sasha Son – Love: This is one song which is really good. It is modern; it’s sung in a modern style with a modern voice. A song for the top 10 in my opinion. I liked it the first time I heard it and this matters hugely at Eurovision, where 80% of people hear the song for the first time and they must vote or not. Very good voice, very cool song.

FYR Macedonia – Next Time: Nesto Sto Ke Ostane – Just as I was talking about rock and was thinking that there will be only one rock song at Eurovision! It seems that increasingly more rockers try for success. For me, it will not pass the semifinal. Too common, and rock is more modernized now.

Malta – Chiara – What if We: Chiara has a very angelic voice which could help it a lot. The song doesn’t seem to me better than 2005, but it sounds good. I think this year, Malta will take revenge for last year, when they didn’t shine with anything.

Moldova – Nelly Ciobanu – Hora Din Moldova: A very interesting voice! The song begins with easy and fast original sounds, then somewhere it gets boring. Like Dob si Zdub a little, but this is good. I think for the beginning of that song, Moldova will easily pass into the semifinal, a song that has something from Ruslana, something from the past Eurovisions.

Montenegro – Andrea Demirovic – Just Get Out Of My Life: Listening to this song, one thought is coming into my mind: The Eurovision is becoming increasingly more commercial. You don’t need a big voice or a big song and it’s stupid. Where is the music? The chorus is repeated forever and that’s all? I think it is a poor song but certainly it will have some points guaranteed from their friends and neighbours: Bosnia , Slovenia , Albania ,Macedonia , Serbia….ehh….pity!

The Netherlands – DeToppers – Shine: This is a classic recipe to win the Eurovision. except that it is from 10 years ago, yeah, 1999, the voices are from 10 years ago, but are good. The song is a 90’s hit, but it is good. Everything about it is so classic, but OLD.  Is there someone who will want something like this to win again at Eurovision?

Norway – Alexander Rybak – Fairytale: Although everyone is talking about him as a winner, it seems to me that it is only a choice for the Eurovision fans at the moment. It is a good song, but only because the boy is young, pretty, and playing the violin. Personally, I don’t think it is something extraordinary, anyway, the boy is nice, he has charisma and, somehow it feels that we need a young contest. I will not mind if he wins. The bookmakers rank him as a winner, so do not be amazed if tens or hundreds of thousands of people who bet money on the Norwegian song will send a lot of SMS’s during the contest to win their bet, and then Norway certainly will be in the top 5. A bit forced, but it will be.

Poland – Lidia Kopania – I Don’t Wanna Leave: A boring classic ballad. Do they not hear about Aguilera, Beyonce or Vanessa Hudgen? We must sing ballads like this for 70 years? Has the style of interpretation changed? Uhh….I don’t want to be bad, but Romania last year came up with an identical ballad and they achieved only 20th place. No one said to anyone not to sing a slow song at Eurovision, but not such a song.  Anyway, I don’t think they will pass the semifinal.

Portugal – Flor de Lis – Todas as Ruas de Amor: Chaira has competition this year. The song is not great. It is really a banal song. It is a song of summer 2000. The singer is singing good, but it’s not what it must be. I say that it will not pass from the semifinal. Maybe at the RIO CARNAVAL.

(To be continued)

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