Mihai Trăistariu: The 2009 songs part 2

Mihai Trăistariu continue sharing his opinion about this year’s 42 participating songs. In part two of four he looks at Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland and Israel.

Czech Republic – Gypsy.cz – Aven Romale: It is the kind of song which concentrates the listeners, but which you don’t listen to at home on CD, you listen to it only in a concert and finish with it. It is a mixture of gipsy and something original. I don’t know if it will catch, but I say that no, it won’t.

Denmark – Brinck – Believe Again: When I saw the composer was Ronan Keating, I realised immediately why the singers voice sounds like Ronan’s voice. He is a desperate fan and he asked Ronan to give him a song which Ronan has not released on his album. Otherwise, I do not imagine how you want someone to sing the song exactly like you play. Ronan is an international star with a very unique voice. The other guy is singing badly because the song is too high for him. Ten for the karaoke…and he didn’t forget any lyrics.

Estonia – Urban Symphony – Randajad: The violins have invaded the Eurovision. The landscape and the scene is an imitation of Bosnia from 2006. The song is still boring, but I am glad that it is not such an old style. It has something modern in it. It sounds like it’s sung in Chinese, you can hear this in the words.

Finland – Waldos People – Lose Control: Since Lordi, I saw artificial flames, which looks good at Eurovision. Let’s do it again. For 2 years, they have sent only rock, and they said that this is not everything they have. Now they come again with the flame. The track seems poor, although the chorus is easy to remember. I think they will not pass the semifinal, even if it doesn’t sound bad.

France – Patricia Kaas – Il Fallait Le Faire: Patricia Kaas is a phenomenal artist, a special voice, a special technique, but unfortunately this song doesn’t say as much. It is almost entirely hushed. If her name was not written there, you wouldn’t say that is her. It is very boring. It is for listening, but not submission into a contest. Initially, when I heard that France was sending Patricia, I said it is clear it is the French, but then, when I heard the song, I felt a great ZERO. Anyway, for her and for her years of glory, there will be many who are nostalgic and they will vote for her. So Patricia comes somewhere in the top 10 due the career in all the world and for her year that had passed.

Germany – Alex Swings, Oscar Sings – Miss Kiss Kiss Bang: I love it! It is really something special. And it is even a radio song. It reminds me about Cicero from a year or two ago, also from Germany. I would like a track like this one to win. The original tracks always pass when in they are as high quality like this one. This is it! Do you play with human taste?

Greece – Sakis Rouvas – This Is Our Night: Again a bit forced. Greece is going well in the polls. Personally, I find the song absolutely nothing special. Putting aside his voice, it is true that he is the sex symbol of Greece, and with the top 3 placing achieved years ago, everything worked out for him. It will not be strange if he wins masses of votes this year, especially by the representatives of the fairer sex. Often, it is not the song, the show or the voice that wins, but it’s the artist who has a special charisma. Sakis has that.

Hungary – Adok Zoli – Dance With Me: Probably the most modern song in this year’s competition. The video is of Western style. I want to see the live version. I think somewhere it will lose something. In any case, if in Eurovision we will have only songs like this one, you can hear all good songs.

Iceland – Yohanna – Is It True: A sensitive ballad. The voice is not old-fashioned , and neither is the melody. It is a modern ballad. BRAVO! The employment of violins and other instruments makes it seem that everyone steals from Bosnia 2006. It is a danger to ‘borrow’ at Eurovision, but a good song, well sung could pass the semifinal.

Ireland – Sinead Mulvey & Black Daisy – Et cetera: Oops, again rock! Not bad at all. But looks like it is not for Eurovision. I don’t know what they could get on the Eurovision stage. I don’t bet on them. Ireland has had better songs.

Israel – Noa & Mira Awad – There Must Be Another Way: Look how beautiful it can be played by 2 voices. Although the 2 artists don’t excel by beauty, the song doesn’t make me tired. I enjoy that they have chosen the English language, it’s a really cute, really beautiful song. BRAVO ISRAEL! Top 10 for sure.

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