A first impression

Day 1 is over and the first nine semifinalists has now rehearsed. Remember that this was
the first rehearshal and it’s still early days to say too much as the
singers could be holding back, camera shots will be changed and some
coreography has not been revealed. But it’s still enough to leave a
first impression.

Sadly I am not following the ESC at the venue this year (as was the case in 2007 & 2008). These impressions are after watching the clips available at the internet.

First of all – the stage looks huge and leaves an impression quite different from the past Eurovisions we saw.

Macedonia to me seems like one of many song that could be a borderline qualifier, the song gets a bit repetive in the end so I guess this is not a qualifier right now.

The Czech entry seems to be this years noval act and in it’s way it reminds me a bit of Israels "Push the button" and we all know how that that ended!

Belgium delivers nothing unexpected. If people raised with music from the days of Elvis are watching then it just might qualify, but I have my doubts.

Belarus looks good in this rehearsal. I think the woman trapped in a plastic bag is a bit of a distraction. However Petrs voice is really good. I thought this would do a Belarus 08 result after seeing the performance from the national final but now I am starting to belive that this is a qualifier.

Sweden seems to recieve a lot of differnet reactions. Some people says it was the best performance of the day while some say it’s the disappointment of the day. I am awful at predicting my own counries chances. At this moment I think it is a sure qualifier that will do not so well in the final itself – but what do I know.. :-))

Armenia looks ok but I kind of expected something more spectatcular. Maybe they are saving something for later. Sure qualifier anyway.

Andorra sounds quite ok, the song itself quite pleasant and inoffensive I think and I wonder who in Europe will pick up their phones to vote for it? I have a feeling that this will be in the very bottom of the semifinal.

Switzerland has some impressive backdrops in the background but is it enough to lift the song to the final? I have my doubts. I think this one has to rely on getting the jury vote (which should not be impossible).

Turkey is one of the favourites to win the semifinal but leaves me with a feeling that this has been seen and done before. I for one did not see Sertabs win coming so I might miss something here but this is my feeling. It still feels like a sure qualifier anyway and will most likely be in the semifinal top 3.

Well it started folks! Looking forward to day 2! 🙂

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